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    Cloth Seat weight?

    Does anybody know the weight of a GTI cloth plaid seat? Cant find this info anywhere.
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    DBV2 Billet HPFP Cap Install

    Billet HPFP Cap Install I wanted to do a writeup / review on this since I was not able to find much information about this install online or on facebook, except for some help that Daniel from DBV2 gave me (Thanks!). First, why did I install this? My car is stage 2 91, stock pumps, so there is...
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    Current consensus on PCV plates?

    Is there any agreement on when a catch can / PCV plate is recommended? I see built motor guys running stock PCVs and stage one people with APR kits.
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    DW300c: Any Reviews?

    Having a hard time finding any review of this pump or people using it. This pump seems like a solid upgrade over the OEM pump for cheap. Could be a great upgrade for an is38 e85 tune or similar. Is anybody using this pump successfully? Making good power? Would appreciate if a tuner chimed in...
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    SOLD: Bilstein B8 with Eibach Pro-Kit and GTI PP Calipers, pads, Neuspeed lines

    Recently upgraded a bunch of parts on my GTi, now I'm selling the takeoffs. Located in Minneapolis, will ship if buyer pays. I had these Bilstein B8 struts with Eibach springs for about 6000 miles. I bought them new from BMP tuning and installed them myself. I thought that the ride was sporty...
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    Any alternatives for macan brake lines?

    I emailed and and I haven't gotten a response how long should I wait for a response? Should I call them? Is there anybody else that can make me a set?
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    So, who's gonna be the first one on the PowerMax?

    Seems like a great alternative to the Vortex and Vortex XL. I wonder if it will spool the same. Any Thoughts?
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    Wilwood BBK: Any Good?

    I am really interested in this brake upgrade, but I have a few questions about it. I have PP brakes currently and want to go to Road America this summer and am looking to upgrade before then. The Wilwood kit looks great because it is: -only slightly smaller than PP brakes -Super Super Super...
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    What's "normal" for a VW 6mt

    When I first got my 17 GTi 6mt PP, I was completely new to driving stick. My car was used with 14k on the ODO. I noticed soon that my transmission was sometimes difficult to get from N-1. If I am stopped at a light, it can be difficult the first time but if I then go back out of gear and then...
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    Okay to install TTS brakes on original rotors?

    Hey all Looking to upgrade my brakes to TTS front calipers. My oem rotors have 20k on them and I would like to not replace them if I don't have to. Will this be fine?
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    Opinion on EQT vs Stratified?

    Okay, I'm going for a cobb accessport and tune for my 17 GTI sport and I'm deciding between Stratified and EQT. Now, lately the internet has blown up with love for eqt, which is what I was going to buy, but I have heard that stratified is also good and potentially cheaper and faster. And what...
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    Drivetrain Noise Help

    I just installed DKM stage 2 clutch, Fluidampr crank pulley, and BFI stage 1 engine mounts. Stock engine and tune. Also did a new throw out bearing and an iAbed RMS. I expected some clutch chatter at idle, but my car is now making a rattle all the time, even when driving around. The noise...
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    Going to buy one of these clutches to install over the holidays, thought I'd put out a feeler here first. Looking for a low mileage or BNIB unit Would also take a stage 2 endurance for the right price Zip 55317
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    Who Has the Lightest Mk7 GTI?

    I'm trying to find out what is possible with these cars. Post your mods and how light your car is.
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    I did a final run of these keychains last night as I am losing my supply chain. I have a bunch of pristine GTIs and Rs and I also made some WRX's. These ones are now 0.1" thick and although they are thinner, they are also stronger than the previous model. Trust me - these things are stiff. I...
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    SOLD: CTS Turbo Catted DP - FWD - MN - $199

    Hey, As i continue to part out my 16 SE, I am selling my CTS Turbo Downpipe. It has the high flow cat welded on by a professional exhaust shop (Tims Custom in Coon Rapids) because it kept leaking. Now, it is solid and doesn't leak at all. The Cat is in good shape and shows no wear. Located in...
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    SOLD: Steelies and Blizzaks - MN

    I have some 16" steel wheels with Blizzak Tires that I used for 1 season (roughly 1500 -2000 miles). I am upgrading brakes and these wont fit anymore. All the wheels are in good condition and there is a TON of tread depth. They are in storage Rn but i can send more detailed pics if someone is...
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    SOLD: Custom Catback - MN - Best Offer

    I had a custom catback made up of a Vibrant 17950 resonator and APR 4" slash cut single wall chrome tips. (In the picture, the tips are protected with plastic wrap and tape). The sound is very loud but it sounds awesome. Drone is subjective but with a downpipe it drones noticeably. All the work...
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    SOLD: GTi Cobb AP w/ DSG - EQT, Stratified, MAP - $750

    I have an Accessport for a 16 GTi with DSG and loads of tunes: 91 Oct MAP stage 2 91 octane Stratified stage 1 - multiple revisions 91 octane stratified stage 2 - multiple revisions 91 octane EQT stage 2 Stratified DSG tune Open to offers, worst I can say is no Not in a hurry to sell so I'll...
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    Carbon Fiber GTI, R, TDI, VW Keychains - 20$

    I made the GTI one for myself a while back and it occurred to me that you people might be interested in these. They are super durable; I've been carrying mine around for months and it has shown no signs of wear. Even the skinny part in the G is super stiff. The dimensions are 1"x3"x1/8" and it...