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  1. Wastegate13

    BFI mount torque spec

    Need a quick reply. I bought a used set of stage 2 mounts and a set of stage 1 inserts. I’m reassembling the engine mount and need to know the torque spec of the center bolt that holds the mount together. BFI doesn’t list it on their site.
  2. Wastegate13

    Pm4 help

    Looking for a wiring schematic for a pm4. Was looking to do my rs3 pump install and when I took a look at my pm4 and one of the wires was not connected. It’s terminal 6 on the pm4 itself. It has a tiny harness with blue and black wires and the black wire had come out of the harness. What does...
  3. Wastegate13

    Help with log/issue Mods: FBO, 450/980mpi/pm4, std vortex, 4/5 bar Can someone take a look at this log and tell me what they see? Specifically how the car opens the wastegate at the top of the head and falls on its face. It didn’t do this...
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    P2177 system too lean off idle

    Mods in sig. Never threw a code on my pump gas tune but within a mile of driving on my first e85 fill car threw a cel for p2177. Thinking maybe a fluke being the first fill I cleared and went about my business. Car drives fine and is now on its second tune revision. Mentioned it to sneeky and he...
  6. Wastegate13

    Pretoria reps cheap

    Have a set of Pretoria reps I’d like to get rid of. Alzor brand from Ecs, 19x8.5 +45 in gunmetal. Good news is they’re cheap. Bad news is one might have a slight bend in it, hence the price. Not super motivated to ship these as it kills the value for the buyer but I do have boxes if someone...
  7. Wastegate13

    WTB: exhaust in south Florida 7.5 R

    As the title states looking for an exhaust for a 2018 R preferably in south Florida. Open to shipping if the price isn’t unreasonable. Primarily looking for catback but will entertain downpipe also. Cash or PayPal ready, lemme know what you have.
  8. Wastegate13

    WTB: 4 bar put sensor

    Like the title. Shipped to 33991 ASAP.
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    Selling the is38 from my car. 40k miles, 20k on EQT stage 2. WAS NOT on the car when it had mechanical trouble. Includes wastegate actuator and I'll throw in a DBV2 TMD for free but its on you to source the coupler needed or buy an upgraded discharge pipe as the stock coupler is too small to...
  10. Wastegate13

    Engine code help

    So I’m shopping for an engine for my car. My engine code is djja. Entering my vin on returns a part number that is no longer available but has been superseded by a new part that the site claims does not fit my car. I’ve found a remanufactured engine that says is only for cjxd cjxg...
  11. Wastegate13

    Engine build

    So it seems like my dbv2 failure may have cost me an engine as well. Got the car back together on the is38, flushed the engine and cleaned out the pan. Car runs but there’s noise in the top end and anything over idle throws misfire codes across all cylinders. Currently weighing options between...
  12. Wastegate13

    Feeler FS: 2018 Golf R, cheap

    Recently my dbv2 decided to leave this plane of existence and it seems it took my engine with it. Considering cutting my losses and letting someone else takeover the project. 2018 R DSG/dcc/nav 42xxx miles Forge intake, majesty intercooler, catless downpipe, 450 lpfp, cts 980cc mpi, pm4 and I...
  13. Wastegate13

    TPC20 vs 38

    Looking to the internet for advice. Blew my dbv2 and instead of going back to the is38 I’m considering one of these two options. I wanted a vortex but they are 3 months out and while technically I could go that long without my car I don’t want to. My first concern is reliability, I know a few...
  14. Wastegate13

    WTB: standard housing vortex

    Title says it. Blew my v2 over the weekend, looking for a vortex.
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    Mods please delete

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    MIB2 value

    Quick question and apologies if the wrong area. What would the approximate value be for a nav mib2 brain plus 6.5” screen with piano black trim be? Thanks in advance.
  17. Wastegate13

    WTB PM4 and ethanol analyzer kit

    Title says it all. Looking for an awd pm4 and an ethanol analyzer kit so I can install mpi and go full e85.
  18. Wastegate13

    FS: Englishtowns, wheels only

    Have a set of OEM Englishtowns from my 2018 R. No curbing or rash but one has a small bit of delamintion by one lug hole. Prefer pick up in south Florida obviously but they are in the boxes my new wheels came in so shipping can be arranged. Looking for 700 picked up. Pictures will come over the...
  19. Wastegate13

    FS:, PR 450, CTS 980cc mpi

    As the title states. I have quite a few parts to make some big power if you’re looking to do that sort of thing. Rethinking the direction I want to take with this car. DBV2 V2, was used on a previous car for a few thousand miles before he upgraded. Comes with wastegate actuator and an 034 motor...
  20. Wastegate13

    Issues on mobile

    Ever since the site update I get the check back in 2-4 hours message any time I try to view the site on my phone. Is there a way I can force a refresh?