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    Ever wondered what's inside a KW/Öhlins DCC canceller? Wonder no more.

    Two cancellers from KW were harmed (irreparably) for this. iSweep should be similar as well. To sum up, a mere $20 or so per canceller. Could I make it myself? Possibly, if I can get ahold of some aluminum enclosures for cheap, or have them CNC'd for me (the crimping and soldering is trivial)...
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    FS: JB4 with Bluetooth, No-Tap AFR Harness and WMI Hookup

    Came off of a Golf R, but will work on all MQB vehicles (Groups 1 and 2, plus others like the A3/S3/GTI/TSI). Rev 3 Bluetooth module. WMI wires pre-pinned, controller not included. Slightly frayed in one spot, did not cut through sleeving yet. Comes with your choice of AFR harnesses (NEW) so...
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    FS: JB4 with Data Cable

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    WTB: Rear Brake Pads (PP/Golf R spec)

    Looking to get OEM and/or track compounds! HMU, shipped to 14305!
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    FS: JB4 AFR Harness - Avoid Posi-Tapping Your OEM Harness!

    Hey all, I am in the process of making some harnesses for the JB4 that avoids having to tap into your stock harness - 100% reversible/undetectable! They are made using OEM connectors (albeit black instead of grey as those are in very limited supplies). Will come taped like stock harnesses (with...
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    FS: Gas Pedal Spacers for Trail Braking and Heel-Toe

    Hey folks, Ended up with a bunch of extras when I needed just one. Hole alignment of the original was corrected thus no dremelling is needed to fit this version. Made out of high strength virgin ABS+ with high infill for extra durability. Drop in and play! This pivots the gas pedal up a smidge...
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    MK7.5 TCR GTI Rear Spoiler Lip P/N?

    Anyone with ETKA able to help me source the part number? It is NOT the Performance Pack or Rabbit lip, much more aggressive. If it does show in ETKA, could you also find out all the TCR specific exterior parts, like the side skirts, diffuser and the front splitter? Thanks!
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    Official Indium Grey Metallic GTI / Golf Thread

    Copied and pasted from my thread on another site!