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    3G shutdowns and emergency systems

    Pretty much all carriers are dropping 3G this year, which makes tons of car systems obsolete (such as the emergency dialing services). Does anyone know if this impacts the systems in our cars and if there's a TSB for update? I've gotten two notes from the dealer for our audi to bring it in and...
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    Handling and suspension adjustments trackside

    I was reading a NASA speed article over the weekend and figured I'd paste most of it here. There's some really great information in terms of your handling feedback and what can be done to adjust balance. Some of these things definitely require a tire pyrometer, but you can at least get a sense...
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    G-loc pads for sale

    For sale here are a front set of Gloc R16 pads for the performance pack GTI, the Golf R, or S3. These went onto my car for one day and saw approximately 2.5 hrs of track time. These are endurance race pads that can take the heat of the mqb platform for the most part. Gloc is favored across the...
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    Racingline/Goodridge Brakelines

    Hello all! Last year I bought some racingline brake lines, but apparently they're for a golf R or gti with the R brakes and electronic parking brake. These will not fit the manual parking brake, so my loss is your gain! The racingline lines are actually made by Goodridge and they appear to be a...
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    Racingline Brake lines!

    Hello all! Last year I bought some racingline brake lines, but apparently they're for a golf R or gti with the R brakes and electronic parking brake. These will not fit the manual parking brake, so my loss is your gain! The racingline lines are actually made by Goodridge and they appear to be a...
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    Plastic battery cover?

    Does anyone know if there's a plastic battery cover out there that would fit the MK7 battery? I've only found some carbon fiber ones, but i'm really not interested in paying hundreds of dollars for a silly battery box. I'm really not too concerned about appearance, just looking for something...
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    A Track Rat's Build Thread

    ***Placeholder*** I'll add some stuff here to track my build, and will gladly answer all questions about what I have done. I don't have time right now, but will get to it. Just wanted to throw this up for now since a few of us get off topic on other threads frequently :) Here are my alignment...
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    FS: 034 Dyanmic+ Springs

    I switched to coils and no longer need my 034 springs, so they're up for sale. These have about 4000 miles on them and typical wear and tear. I used these on a DCC equipped GTI, and I don't think this was the right fitment for the strut. I believe I should have had the Golf R springs for the DCC...
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    034 dogbone parts

    I have the lower insert and upper insert for sale. I decided to switch to a full mount replacement, and these have to go. About 8000 miles on the lower insert and about 1500 on upper. Buyer pays shipping. Lower insert = 20$ Upper insert = 25$ Both = 40$
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    Stage 2 dyno plots?

    Does anyone have a dyno plot of a GTI on Uni stage 2 on 91 oct? I'm looking into classing for NASA TT next year, and hoping to make less than 260 WHP. I can't seem to find anyone else's dyno plots.
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    superpro rear endlinks

    Hi all, I recently replaced the endlinks on my car and wanted to share a quick review. Originally I installed an ST rear sway bar with the stock endlinks, and at first everything was great. After a few months, however, my rear end started to make very faint clunking noises on very sudden single...
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    Airflow at higher speeds

    I've been thinking a lot about airflow recently, in regard to club rules where all windows must remain open (except sunroof). I noticed that on track at any speed beyond 70 MPH there is a lot of cabin wind noise, as well as the sound of trapped air. When I've driven coupes and convertibles the...
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    Free oil filter

    I'm going to be getting the VWR oil cooler soon, and since I don't feel like changing oil twice, I'll have no need for my current oil filter. It's past the return date, so if anyone in the KC area wants a free oil filter...let me know.
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    MSS Track Pack for sale

    Hi all, I have decided to delete my DCC setup and move to a coilover, since most of my car's use is track use. As a result, I'm selling off the various springs I have tried out. Up first is the MSS Track Pack. This kit has the MQB 205 and MQB 220 front springs. The 220 are the correct fitment...
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    Interesting spring experiences. Anyone else having trouble?

    I've got a DCC Gti and decided earlier this year to go with mss fully adjustable track springs. After some miles and settling, I started having very loud clunking issues. I've also got the 034 dynamic+ camber mounts, which are mostly metal but they're not the source of the noise. The noise, as...
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    Longer wearing tires for track

    I took a chance on the Direzza Z3 this year, and while I really enjoy the grip and turn in that they give, they do not wear very well at all. I've got about 3000 miles on them, 3 autocross events, and two track days. The rear tires still have some life, but the fronts are about 1-2mm away from...
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    brake pads for the track?

    Does anyone know what brands and types of brake pads we have available to us? I'm struggling to find decent options for the PP GTI. G-loc only makes the fronts. Ferodo only makes the DS2500. Carbotech will make me pads, but wants my arm, leg, and left testicle to do it. I've tried multiple...
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    17" wheels in exact fitment?

    I know there are some 17x8 and 17x8.5 neuspeed wheels that come in exact fitment for the gti, but the 8.5 width are way too heavy for racing, and the 8 just aren't quite wide enough. Does anyone know of any 17x8.5 wheels that will fit the gti exactly (hub bore and et45) that are under 17...
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    MK7R springs on GTI

    Hey all, I've been struggling to find an answer to this online anywhere. I know the R has slightly lower and stiffer springs (or at least that's what i read), but does anyone know by how much? I'm wondering how handling would be affected by the R springs on the GTI. If What I'm thinking is...