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  1. Petey T

    Another Vote for Koni

    I finally have my suspension comfortable after 40,000 miles on lowering springs and a recent nightmare install with the shocks. Eibach Sportlines and Koni Yellows. The car is so comfortable, so smooth, and sits just right. For reference, the Sportlines are supposed to drop 1.7" but mine is just...
  2. Petey T

    BEC 7.5 LED Reps Installed

    I was on the fence about the LED version of the BEC Ed's Reps for my 2017 Mk7 GTI S because I hadn't seen too much info. Was going to buy the HID version but they showed discontinued so I took the plunge and ordered the LED's. I've never owned a car with fancy lights so I didn't know what to...
  3. Petey T

    WTB: Ed’s 7.5 GTI Rep Headlights for Mk7

    Missed the boat on buying new before Ed shut down for the foreseeable future. Anyone have a lightly used set with bulbs? Looking for the Mk7.5 red stripe version for Mk7
  4. Petey T

    WTB: OEM Dual Mass Flywheel

    About to swap out to the Sachs Performance clutch kit to retain the factory GTI DMF. Mine should be fine but just in case does anyone have a factory one that they removed with low miles? I'd rather have a nice used one just in case, without spending $400-500 on a new one.
  5. Petey T

    TTRS Clutch Kit Parts List

    Hey all, I'm looking to do the TTRS clutch kit for my 17 GTI still on stock IS20. The Official TTRS Clutch thread is awesome and I've read it all but with all the part number changes and this fits/that fits I wanted some clarification before I purchase. I also work for VW so anything I can buy...
  6. Petey T

    FS: Stock GTI Downpipe

  7. Petey T

    FS: 4x Austins with VW Center Caps and Lug Covers

    SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!!!! Selling my set of Austins off my 2017 Mk7 GTI. Zero curb rash or any deep blemishes/stretches. There’s a few “character” blemishes but for a daily driver with 35,000 miles you’d be hard pressed to find a nicer set of stocks. Completely cleaned and ready to go. Includes 4 VW...
  8. Petey T

    Longer bolts for 5mm spacers?

    Hey fam, I'm about to order wheels and from using I think I may need at most a 5mm spacer. So the question is, do I need longer bolts if only running up to a 5mm spacer? If I buy 5mm longer bolts and run between a 3mm to 5mm spacer I'm assuming everything will be gravy. I'd...
  9. Petey T

    Petey's PW GTI S

    Hey guys, new to the forum after picking up a 2017 Pure White GTI S on Saturday morning. I work for VW so I've driven every iteration of Mk7 GTI and Golf R with both transmissions. I knew I wanted an S for the seats and I didn't feel a need for the PP. My only drawbacks were color and...