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  1. IWMTom

    RGB Ambient Lighting for Mk7 and Mk7.5

    Introduction This thread is sort of a continuation of a discussion I was having with a few other members on this thread where a French fella had retrofitted RGB ambient lighting, but refused to share any details on how he did it. Having done some in-depth research into this retrofit, I came up...
  2. IWMTom

    PSA: Cable Tie Your Bonnet Release Cable Junction Box

    So my bonnet/hood release cable broke. To those who don't know, there's a junction box under the bonnet where the cable from the release lever and the cable to the latch mechanism join together - a metal ball on the steel wire from the lever sits in a plastic socket/cup inside the junction box...
  3. IWMTom

    What would cause the revs to surge on startup?

    So, following on from this thread where I explained my EPB problems, myself and the technician working on my car have come to the conclusion that the reason the parking brake disables itself on startup is due to a surge in revs that coincides with taking your foot off the clutch, which tricks...
  4. IWMTom

    Discover Nav Pro - Speed Limits

    As I understand it, the Discover Nav Pro should have a database of speed limits, and display them on the screen, however I can't find anywhere to switch this on. Is this actually a feature or have I dreamt it?
  5. IWMTom

    Anyone fitted a highline reversing camera?

    So I've installed a highline reversing camera to my Mk7 and it all works fine, the guidelines move with the steering wheel (granted they need calibrating), etc. I'm missing the parking modes buttons to change between bay/parallel parking - just wondering whether anyone knows what coding needs...
  6. IWMTom

    Parking brake issues following recall

    Hi guys, I've got a 2014 1.6 TDI that had the parking brake control module software update ( last year, and I've had endless problems since then. Following the update, I've had the autohold feature failing to...