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    Last kegger we had with wasWASREDSTRIPES

    He got so shitfaced
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    ITT: Free candy and nudes

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    Fast Five (Full Movie)

    3nFYd-YsLyo&feature=player_embedded Quality/screen gets better about 5 mins in
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    No comment

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    Cyber Monday

    Anyone know of some good deals tomorrow?
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    This is what is wrong with America

    While browsing Hypebeast I stumbled on this thread. It's about a dude who was at DD while a robbery was taking place and decided to stop it. Now some of the guys on the forum are calling him out for doing a good deed and "ruining the thugs hustle". Any thoughts...
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    Need help with essay topic

    This is one of the questions on my midterm and im having a difficult time finding something to write about. Think about the revolutionary change that occurred at the beginning of the 20th century, giving the rise to the dramatic shift in cultural values that we call Modernism. Keep in mind...
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    Amazing Graffiti

    Saw this on stanceworks, sorry if its a repost. Its a ~10min video that shows evolution and possibly the end of the world all through the work of graffiti, its absolutely incredible.
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    If you could take a minute to vote

    One of my sisters friends got together with some people and started an orphanage in India to provide shelter, education and improve the overall lives of the children there. The group with the most votes will receive money from chase bank to help them with their endeavors. If you could just take...
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    iOS4 update

    Has anyone updated their iphone or ipod touch with iOS4 so far? Any reviews?
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    Help me choose a DSLR

    For a while iv'e been wanting a DSLR but recently just got the money so its finally time to get one. I've been doing research and have narrowed it down to the Nikon D5000 and Canon t1i. For the most part they're the same but I just wanted to get some opinions from you guys as too which would be...
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    Paranormal Activity

    Has anybody watched this or plan on seeing it? I wasn't planning on watching it but all the reviews have been good and they're all saying its scary as hell. The only bad part is that its only playing at select theatres.
  13. BossDuB27

    Amazing beer bottle dominoes

    I was on a gixxer forum just looking around and I found this. Its pretty amazing the amount of bottles that were used and a pretty clever idea.
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    Kid gets jumped and kidnapped

    Anybody heard of this kid whos truck got clipped by a srt4 that was racing so a bunch of guys jumped him and kidnapped him?
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    Turn offs in opposite sex

    What do you guys/girls find to be turnoffs in the opposite sex? My friends always say im really picky when it comes to girls but the only real turnoffs I have are if a girl smokes, if shes a slut, dumb, ditzy, cant have fun, and nasty feet lol
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    Vag love

    Last night I went to chipotle with two friends, one of them has a MKV Jetta with some work done but I park in the corner of the parking lot even though there wasnt any other cars , so I see this beautiful white Audi TT driving up and instead of parking right by the entrance because the whole...
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    Mothballs in the gas tank

    I have a really cheap friend who's really cheap hahah but hes always trying to save money everywhere he can and scrub of everyone. So last week we were driving up to Orlando and some how I got him to take his car, before we left he goes in his garage and puts like 8 mothballs in his gas tank and...
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    FAU members

    Who else on here goes to FAU? The only other member I know of that goes there is Redstripe but I always see tons of MKVs around school so I just thought it would be cool to meet some of you
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    White pride?

    Today I was doing a research assignment for school and somehow randomly came across a website called and I went on it and it turned out to be a forum for "pro-white activists and anyone for white survival" and I read some of the threads on there and it just made...