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  1. phant0m

    Concepts in Motion - legit company?

    Just wondering if "Concepts in Motion" (CiM) is a legitimate company. They have this particular boost gauge listed on their website which is interesting, it mounts in the center vent (the don't have pics for the mk7 version, but here it is on the mk6). I tried emailing them some questions...
  2. phant0m

    WTB jb1, preferably with cable

    Looking to buy a jb1 with the programming/data cable Let me know if anyone is selling. I have PayPal funds ready!! Sent from my Samsung GALAXY S7 Edge.
  3. phant0m

    WTB jb1

    These are hot items! Looking to purchase a jb1 with data cable! PayPal is ready :) Sent from my Samsung GALAXY S7 Edge.
  4. phant0m

    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    So golfmk6 had a "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread", can we start one up here? (unless there is one and i just missed it) The goal of this thread is to allow people to ask random questions (related to mk7 stuff) and to ask "stupid" questions without getting flammed (such as "this is my...
  5. phant0m

    A big thank you!

    Thank you all... Or maybe I shouldn't be thanking you, i'm not really sure yet. 1 hour and 47 minutes in to my 3 hour class tonight and I haven't paid attention to a single thing the professor said. But there are some great things here in OT. I've been lurking too much... So thank you...