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    Custom tune

    I’m going to be buying a custom tune for my 2017 gti se dsg. I’m unsure what company to go with. Currently on eqt stage 2 and it’s good but i’m considering stratified for my custom tune. What would everyone recommend.
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    Clutches slipping?

    unsure why but my transmission(6 speed dsg with eqt tune) will just drop out completely. Mostly happens in reverse but will sometimes happen in drive only ever from a stop in drive tho.
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    Performance Pack diff service

    My car is now at 80k miles(2017 mk7 gti se) and was curious if the pp diff needed to be serviced and how much it would cost
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    Bad rattle at around 4k rpm

    I have 2 recordings of this happening but it happens all the time and can easily be replicated. 2017 mk7 gti eqt stage 2. Mods are cts catless downpipe, ie v2 intake, arm fmic. I’ve tried putting foam under the intake to see if that was it but it was not. Sounds like it’s coming from the...
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    Engine bay rattle

    Decelerating at 4k rpm or above I get this really bad rattle from what I can tell the passenger side of the engine bay. The noise is almost like a disk rattling or something and only happens when the revs are dropping and never on throttle. Was wondering if anyone has this issue or has any ideas...
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    EQT vs Sneekytune ecu tune and EQT vs Stratified dsg tune

    I have a 2017 gti dsg. Current mods list is cts catless downpipe, ARM fmic, ie v2 intake. I was stuck between what stage 2 tune I wanted to choose and after lots of research I ended up with 2 options in EQT and sneekytune. I saw lots of arguments between which one was better so me being me I...
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    WTB mk7 gti pure white bumper

    just need a pure white bumper cover
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    WTB: MBRP gti exhaust

    looking to buy a mbrp exhaust or other exhaust for a good price