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    Show Me Your Best Cell Phone Pics

    I am an amateur photographer and noob car guy at best but I enjoy working on both. I'm also spending all my money on my car and can't afford decent camera equipment. I figure a lot of you are in the same position. These were taken with a Google Nexus 6 phone. Let's see your best shots! 2015...
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    Winter Storage

    Forgive me if this has been asked before. MK7 GTI With winter coming soon I've decided I'm going to leave my car in my garage at the first sign of snow, salt, or salt brine and not take it out until late winter / early spring. Anything special I should do?
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    Which meth kit?

    I'm taking the plunge and doing some W/M injection. I have made up my mind to go with a Snow kit but I'm not sure which one. Seems like most folks go with Stage 2 MAF/MAP but when I emailed Snow they replied with Stage 2 boost cooler. Any of you all running one of these kits?
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    VWR Short Shifter

    I've been in the market for a short shifter since day 1. The price range on the different options is pretty a big one. A FB group user is parting out his car and had the VWR kit with 42dd bushings at a price I was willing to pay, so I bought it. I then decided to actually research that kit...
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    Anybody going to EuroFaction in Louisville?

    I'm thinking about it. Event Date: Saturday, Sept. 12th, 2015 Event Time: 11:00AM – 5:00PM Location: Kentucky Exposition Center - West Wing Address: 937 Phillips Ln, Louisville, KY 40209 EuroFaction is a car show organized by enthusiasts who have years of experience in both the vending and...
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    VMR 710s installed today

    Finally got around to installing my 710's. I know a lot of folks hate on the the blacked out / debadged cars but it makes me happy. Should have VWR springs installed in the next week or so. Also excuse the dirtiness of my car. It hasn't stopped raining here for 2 weeks.
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    GTI Windshield Replacement

    Woke up a couple of days ago with a 20" crack on my windshield due to driving behind a cement truck a little too close. Called safelite to get a new windshield. Today I get this email confirming the install and I'm very confused... "As a reminder, your windshield is fitted with a...
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    CTS Cat Back Exhaust Install??

    I've tried contacting CTS about this and I think maybe I'm not asking the right question or I can't understand the answer. Maybe one of you can help. I currently have a CTS Catless Downpipe installed to stock exhaust. In the near future I plan on getting the CTS Catback Exhaust to have a...
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    Fluid Extractor (Oil Change Question)

    Due to part laziness and because the oil filter is open hood accessible I was thinking about about doing my oil changes using a fluid extractor. Good Idea / Bad idea? Anybody do this? Should I not be so fat and lazy?
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    Glorious Eurodyne

    Just slapped Stage 1.5 93 on my 2015 GTI and GFB DV+ in my own garage in less than 960 seconds. If you are on the fence about getting a tune... just man up and do it. If you have any questions about the Eurodyne tune and want to know how to combat the smiles and giggles you will have, please PM...
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    I now have HEX-USB+CAN Interface

    Just purchased a HEX-USB+CAN Interface for my 2015 GTI. I'm located in Lexington, KY. If you any of you are nearby and ever need to use it, send me a PM on here.
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    Evil Rabbit

    After going through the trouble of debadging my car, I put this evil rabbit decal on the back glass. I didn't really care for the standard Evil Rabbit GTI decal, so I had a friend make this one. Once my rear wiper plug comes in, things should look a lot cleaner. You can tell me if you hate...
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    Downpipe - Cheap vs Not-So-Cheap

    Could you explain to me the difference in a $499 downpipe (i.e. CTS,) a $750 (APR,) and a $1200 (AWE.) I plan on getting a CAT with it and I'm sure there will be sound differences but why such a huge price difference? I don't want to be that guy with Walmart spinners on my car, but I also don't...
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    Voodoo's GTI

    Voodoo's GTI - UPDATED *** I realize this has turned into a picture thread... sorry **** Picked up my Deep Black Pearl GTI S 6M last week. Gotta say, I LOVE this car. It's my first GTI and my second VW (2002 Jetta.) 5% Tint all around (except for those pesky tiny windows up front)...
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    Anybody with Eurodyne MPG data?

    I *think* I've made up my mind on a Eurodyne tune and I'll go with Stage 1.5 93 for now. I've seen quite a bit of APR tuned guys getting better gas mileage at highway speeds which is what I'll be doing most of the time. Can any of you speak to MPG with this tune... or any Eurodune tune? This...
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    Neuspeed vs CTS cs Injen?

    I'm wanting to purchase an air intake kit for my new GTI. I'm one of those guys that actually likes the BOV sound so I'm guessing my best best is an open air intake. I'm assuming the performance of these are probably close to equal but I'm wondering if you guys have a suggestion. I'm seeing...