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    MK7 Glovebox - Need to feed cable from glovebox to back of centre screen

    you should be able to drop the glove box down and feed it in from under the dash. Look up directions for changing your cabin filter for how to drop the glove box.
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    Temp Gauge Goes down while driving.

    one of my old cars did this, and it turns out it was a little low on coolant, and must have had a bit of an air pocket that was just large enough to not let the coolant system maintain constant pressure, but not enough to cause any other issue, except every time the thermostat opened up, temps...
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    Alignment off after rear sway bar install?

    That would definitely do it! if they loosen all of the connection points to let the parts settle, and then re-tighten them while the car is resting on the suspension, it should fix the issue.
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    My GTI new garage companion

    I live in a condo, so my parking companion is my neighbor's Panamera. She always backs in, and I always pull in forward to minimize door ding potential.
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    KW Variant 3 - Installed on 2019 GTI

    echoing what was said above, but in a very general sense, springs will control how much the car rolls and leans, where as the dampers (dampeners?) will control how fast it lets this happen. Just changing the dampening settings on the coilovers won't drastically reduce body roll, but they may...
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    Alignment off after rear sway bar install?

    when the endlinks and bushings were tightened, was the suspension evenly loaded? if the wheels were up in the air, or you did one side at a time, you will cause the bar to load up unevenly when the car is placed back on the ground.
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    My GTI new garage companion

    LOL, Riceburner - quite the story of events, but I like the final outcome.
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    GTI dogs

    This was when my dog was going to work with me for a few months back, after my wife had foot surgery. Lilly was my little buddy in the office and everyone there loves her. My wife has been walking again since mid-November, so Lilly only comes with me about once a week now. She's got her own...
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    BMS VW GTI JB4 info thread

    yeah, I think I'll do that before I put it in the R. Thanks for confirming!
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    BMS VW GTI JB4 info thread

    I've been using a JB4 on my GTI for the last year, and have been happy with it. I just picked up a '16 Golf R with super low miles, and was wondering if I could flash my existing JB4 from GTI to R firmware, or do I need to sell the GTI JB4, and get one made specifically for the R?
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    Golf 7 heater problems

    video won't load for me, but it could be the blend door actuator behind the glove box. Mine went out and made a clicking noise when the AC was turned on, and the heater wouldn't blow any hot air. Should be an easy warranty item, but I got one on Amazon for less than $20 and put it in myself...
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    MK7 Confessions

    I had a JB4 sitting in my closet for over a year because I live in a condo and can't work on my car there. But the truth is I was just being lazy about doing the work somewhere else (work or friend's place). I finally installed it 2 weeks ago, and can't believe I waited so long to hook it up.
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    Gti Full Suspension Build - Looking for Advice

    If you get the Verkline kit, just know that you will increase harshness quite a bit due to the spherical ball joints. if you daily the car like you said, you may not want to go this route. Yes, you'll gain feel, but on anything other than a near-perfect road surface, it's going to be harsh...
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    TPC Ball Bearing IS38

    Yes. The definition of HP = (Torque x RPM)/5252. If you are able to make more torque at a higher RPM, you will be making more HP. If you are making 360hp at 5500rpm, you are making about 344 ft lbs of torque at 5500rpm. If you can sustain the same 344 ft/lbs to 6200rpm, you will be making...
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    Why is the German aftermarket community/support so strong?

    a "fart can" was just a straight-through muffler. many are universal fit, meaning you can just grab one and weld it to the back of your exhaust. Any 4 cylinder car (sans turbo) with one of these is usually not going to sound very good. Especially if they also deleted the resonator and/or cat...
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    Why is the German aftermarket community/support so strong?

    You must have missed the 90s :) EVERYTHING back then had a fart can. except muscle cars.
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    Which years of the MK7.5 have full power seats?

    did all trims of the 7.5 come with the VAQ performance diff?
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    LSD Install in South L.A. area?

    Thanks for the info! Didn't know about the additional bolts needed for the install!
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    LSD Install in South L.A. area?

    Thanks! I may just have to drive down there, it doesn't seem like there is anyone experienced with this sort of thing around here.
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    LSD Install in South L.A. area?

    Looking to get a wavetrac LSD installed in my 2017 with DSG. Does anyone know of a shop in the south LA area (El Segundo, Torrance, Long Beach, etc) that is experienced with this? thanks!