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    New Garrett Turbos for MQB

    I use that exact model to sear steaks indoor. The heat gun produces minimal smoke. 8/10 would recommend.
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    Anyone else considering the new Cadillac Blackwing models?

    That car #69….well worth the $$! (It also put down 620 hp on a Dynojet with less than a 100 miles on it.)
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    A review: Unitronic Stage 2 Tune vs EQT Stage 2

    You need to stop being so selfish and take one for the team. (That way Ed will have a base map ready when I take the plunge for our AT)
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    Hank Iroz (Iroz Motorsports) on Street Outlaws

    Wasn’t Axeman running small tire, too? It’s amazing how much he turns down that car for the street, at least where they’re racing. That car can run a 4 sec 1/8th mile at 200 mph
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    Unitronic IS38 Boost Level?

    You have logs? Mind posting them? The 1.8 has smaller injectors and uses a lower pressure HPFP vs the R or GTi and some of those do show rail pressure drop.
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    Unitronic IS38 Boost Level?

    Those with the IS38 and corresponding tune, any issues with fuel rail pressure dropping?
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    Anyone else considering the new Cadillac Blackwing models?

    Yes, these cars are very expensive. But considering the fact that the stupid wagon I should bought is worth as much, if not more, than what I could’ve bought it for, it’s highly likely that you won’t lose much on this car. (as long as you buy one with the manual trans, opportunity cost not...
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    Anyone else considering the new Cadillac Blackwing models?

    The first drive reviews are out and these cars look to be phenomenal. I’m still kicking myself for not pulling the trigger on the Gen 2 V wagon with stick. I had the opportunity to buy a new one at $7k off of sticker but talked myself out because it wasn’t the right color. (Then proceeded...
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    Hyundai Santa Cruz may be the vehicle that gets me out of my GTI

    The hyundai interface definitely looks more straightforward vs the VW. (Mk 8 is doesn’t move my needle at all) I’m assuming the 2.5T is a foregone conclusion, but I‘ve read that their top model will go over $40k. Was looking at tunes for Hyundai the other day. Looks like you swap out the ECU...
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    Hyundai Santa Cruz may be the vehicle that gets me out of my GTI

    The Santa Fe does intrigue me, but that lack of buttons for the infotainment system is a hard no.
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    Alarm on Instrument Cluster

    Did you ever get around to buying and installing that upgraded IC?
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    Pollen Mayhem!! Big problems In my CAI !

    LOL... You’re one funny guy (even if you aren’t trying to be)
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    '21 GTI Impressions, Hits, & Misses

    Or you can simply hang the cargo cover behind the front seats. 🤷‍♂️
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    Unitronic IC + bi-cooler?

    Did you retain the factory air diverters? You would have had to trim them, but you should have put them back in.
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    TPC IS20 Hybrid from stock

    I would recommend going to the Stg 3 daily if staying with South Bend.
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    EQT E-Tuning Q&A

    I simply added the NLS comment, not from what you posted, but just to post it. As for the traction control question, how much power do you think you're going to make that necessitates traction control on an AWD vehicle? There's nothing wrong with the stock solution for this car; and with AWD...
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    Anybody have a possible Iabed Rear Main Seal leak after less than 20k miles and 2yrs?

    Was the OE RMS leaking at the time of the clutch install?
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    EQT E-Tuning Q&A

    Don't bother with the traction control with the R. Don't bother with NLS (unless you like the idea of wearing out the clutch and gearbox at a much faster pace)
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    EQT E-Tuning Q&A

    Part throttle knock retard means nothing. The stock tune does the same thing. Get back to us with a WOT pull for any meaningful analysis. A single gear pull isn’t going to hurt your clutch break-in process. Do a pull in third gear and post it up. In general, at WOT, -3 degrees or less is...
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    Stock MK7 GTI exhaust cut open

    so why are the internals and external shape different between the muffler in the video vs one is the other thread?