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  1. S-4Motion

    ECS rear stress bar = moar harsh?

    Sweet trunk set up. (y) If you do sell them I might pick them up if the price is right.
  2. S-4Motion

    ECS rear stress bar = moar harsh?

    Which ones do you have if I may ask?
  3. S-4Motion

    EventhorizoN VW GTI S build

    Mark 7 Really Rfast
  4. S-4Motion

    Fs: Vw Atlas Steering wheel (no air bag)

    The steering wheel has the heating element but the button to activate it is on the center console in cars that came with heated steering installed, so you're probably going to have to run wiring and do coding in order to put in a Sportwagen.
  5. S-4Motion

    Stud conversion or wheel bolts?

    Napkin math says longer studs have more surface area making repeated removal and attachment cause less wear. Reality is it's personal preference.
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    Has anyone made their own cheap catted DP by buying catless and adding cheap cat?

    Only slightly related, but couldn't you cut out the stock cat and mate it to a 2.5in/3in mandrel bend and make your own downpipe like that, or is the Cat itself the choke point on the stock downpipes?
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    Trying to find a MK7.5 SportWagen 4motion Exhaust

    Sorry about that, I must've misread you post. Sweet wagon man.
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    Trying to find a MK7.5 SportWagen 4motion Exhaust

    Hatchback rear valence do not fit wagons.
  9. S-4Motion

    If you had to drive your Mk7 1000+ miles on gravel/dirt...

    The Alltrack guys love the lift kits if you're really wanting to go that route, I'd definitely say go to a smaller rim. Me personally, my #1 mod would be an Alltrack skid plate but I'm overly cautious.
  10. S-4Motion

    Key fob options?

    Forgot to actually post links for the covers lol. Key Fob with Key access Key Fob with No Key Access
  11. S-4Motion

    Key fob options?

    Etsy also has a ton of options for leather ones if that's your cup of tea.
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    Steering Wheel Upgrade?

    Do you mean those ridges that point towards the front of the car? I don't and I kinda wish I did, not enough to get a whole new though lol. If you do end up getting a carbon top with a indicator stripe, ask how thick they're going to make it cause I wish mine was a little thicker.
  13. S-4Motion

    Steering Wheel Upgrade?

    Not a GTI/R wheel, just a base Golf wheel, but I would 100% recommend it. I got mine from Vivid Racing. I also know that someone by the name of Rogera is selling an even thicker wheel in the Interior Parts Classifieds but I can't find the link right now.
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    ► Official APEX VW Wheel Thread

    My vote is on VW center caps, but I'd go a step further and get the dynamic caps. That's just me though.
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    RS3 Swapped Golf R Project. IMS 1100

    Do you have a thread or something for that swap? I'm interested
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    Throwing my hat in the ring, I saw this one a while ago and I've been interested it getting it.
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    Looks super clean, hope it treats you well! (y)