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    Next mods? If any?

    I'm currently running: APR Stage 2 software AMS Downpipe IE Intercooler Eventuri Intake System APR turbo inlet elbow PS4S tires on Pretoria What do you guys think I should go with next for more fun I'm considering : Rear Sway bar Exhaust System Haldex tune Turbo upgrade... (I don't want to...
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    Replacement part help

    Can anyone help me? I have the worst luck. I went to install my S2T paddles for a Golf R and I dropped the left pin and cannot find it anywhere. I've done everything short of removing the seat to find it. Anyone know if I can order the pivot pin without the whole assembly? Thanks in advance.
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    APR Box Code Issue PSA

    The latest Software revision by VW actually changed the Box Code on my MY17 Golf R. I guess its a new one and APR needs to access an ECU at their shop in Alabama to write the new tune. So if anyone still does warranty services at the dealer, i suggest you specify you don't want them to flash...
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    My new 17 DSG/DAP

    Welp after having my 15 Lapiz R totaled by a distracted driver... ... and waiting months for my order... I'm back in black!
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    Does anyone know if the MQB platform engine and dsg could be swapped into another lightweight car or shell? I'm sure it's extremely involved and probably not done before due to the price of the motor, but since my MK7 R is totaled I'm wondering what's possible and for how much $$$$