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  1. Blake1090

    Weather Tech MK7 Rain Guards

    Weather Tech Rain Guards. Passenger Side has Chip, but once installed it is unnoticeable. $50 + shipping
  2. Blake1090

    Ross Tech Micro-CAN Cable Unlimited Vin (VAGCOM)

    Genuine Ross-Tech Micro Can Cable. Can be used on MK5, MK6, MK7, and probably MK8. SOLD
  3. Blake1090

    2015 Volkswagen Golf R, DSG, Lapiz Blue, 78k miles - San Jose, CA

    SOLD 2015 VW Golf R with 78k miles DCC, NAV, and Parking Sensors Clean Title. Passed Smog. Never been in an accident. Never tracked. Oil changed every 5k miles. DSG oil changed at 40k. Haldex oil changed at 65k. New brakes at 65k. New tires at 61k. Issues: upshift (+) paddle currently...
  4. Blake1090

    Resonator Delete for Golf R / S3

    Resonator delete with about 30k miles on it. You will have to purchase a new pipe clamp. SOLD Located in the Bay Area, CA
  5. Blake1090

    S2T Paddle Shifters

    S2T Paddle Shifters Anodized Black Aluminum $100
  6. Blake1090

    SOLD - DSG Carbon Fiber and Perforated Leather Steering Wheel Grey

    Carbon Fiber and Perforated Leather Steering wheel with grey stitching and grey 12 o'clock. Lightly used for about 10k miles. I tried to mostly grab on the carbon to preserve the leather. SOLD
  7. Blake1090

    BNIB MK7.5 Golf R Front Grille

  8. Blake1090

    WTB: MK7 Golf R Upper Grille

    I want to see if anyone is selling their upper golf R grille. This is the one with the emblems. I prefer one that is in really good condition, no rock chips. I messed mine up with super wrap. It ruined the piano black finish.
  9. Blake1090

    FS: Stock Golf R Springs (Fronts Only)

    These came off my golf R with 66k miles. The car was equipped with DCC and DSG transmission. Front springs available Rear springs sold Looking for $100 + shipping
  10. Blake1090

    Borla Catback for MK7 Golf R

  11. Blake1090

    Neuspeed Cold Air Intake for MK7 Golf R

    Blue Neuspeed cold air intake with about 10k miles. It comes with everything need to install on a golf R. I cleaned the filter with the K&N cleaner, but have not oiled it yet. If you would like it oiled before I ship let me know. $old
  12. Blake1090

    2017 Golf R Frameless Mirror

    2017 Golf R frameless mirror. Comes with everything shown in the first picture. One tab on the black plastic trim piece snapped (shown in picture 2), but it should still work. $100
  13. Blake1090

    Frameless mirror retrofit

    I’m trying to retrofit a frameless mirror from a 2017 golf R into a 2015 golf R. I have the mirror right now, but the trim around the mirror is different. It almost appears that the new mirror came from a car with DAP. Anybody able to help me complete this retro fit or is it not even worth...
  14. Blake1090

    FS: Silver Mirror Caps for Alltrack

    SOLD I have a set of gloss silver mirror caps from a VW Alltrack. Barely used. One broken tab, but can be epoxied and mirror cap is still very secure.
  15. Blake1090

    FS: Neuspeed Power Module (NPM)

    I have a used Neuspeed Power Module for sale. Will ship at buyers expense. Located in East Bay and Sacramento, CA. SOLD
  16. Blake1090

    FS: Neuspeed Power Module

    I have a Neuspeed Power module I recently took off my Golf R to load stage 1. It felt like it gave the car quite a bit of power while preserving the warranty. Neuspeed Power Module - SOLD Located in the Bay Area/Sacramento