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  1. nkresho

    FS: motegi mr140 18x8.5 with new pilot sport all season 4s 235.40.18 Pittsburgh area

    Selling these wheels with new tires all around. Zero curb rash. No bends About 500 miles on two of them and 0 on the other 2 wheels are 18.6# per tirerack...
  2. nkresho

    SOLD: Mk7.5 headlights (for retro fit on mk7) with progressive turn signals, HID low beams and LED high beams

    Paypal only, please, goods and services, so we get buyer/seller protection Cash is fine for local pickup too. Parting out my car for a trade-in. AKD (same ones used in the "ed's") Mk7.5 style lights made to fit mk7 cars. I had them on my 2016 GTI. No significant scratches or cracks. No...
  3. nkresho

    SOLD: Koni yellows and VWR Springs

    Paypal only, please, goods and services, so we get buyer/seller protection Cash is fine for local pickup too. Parting out my car for a trade-in. Koni Yellow shocks and struts with about 20,000 miles on them. They're a little rusty but work well. SOLD Price is $250 plus actual shipping via...
  4. nkresho

    FS: IS38, CTS catted downpipe, Unitronic Intercooler

    Paypal only, please, goods and services, so we get buyer/seller protection Cash is fine for local pickup too. Parting out my car for a trade-in. H revision IS38 with no shaft play and IS38 actuator installed (no diverter valve). 22,000 miles on it, I bought and installed it new. Removed a...
  5. nkresho

    FS: zeitronix inline ethanol sensor with gauge ECA

    Selling this used but fully functional ethanol gauge. Fuel line is already fit for mk7 gti. Just need a couple clamps to get it secure. Keep the stock line unmodified so you can part out too some day (lol) Harness for gauge is wired. You'll need to grab (ignition switched) power and...
  6. nkresho

    SOLD: MK7 Euro LED tails (ed's type) with progressive turn signals and harness

    In the process of parting out my car. This is the first of many items i will be letting go. Looking to sell these tails. Condition is fantastic, no issues, functional. SOLD Price is $350 plus actual fedex ground shipping. I can get them out the day after payment. Payment through paypal...
  7. nkresho

    delete (thread created by fraudulent account use)

  8. nkresho

    delete (thread created by fraudulent account use)

    mods please delete, this thread was created under my user name, but not by me
  9. nkresho

    Motegi mr140 18x8.5 and pilot a/s 3+ in 235-40-18. Will it fit? Duh, it fits... pics

    Just posting to give an idea where the fenders are and how these wheels look. Only a couple members have shown their 140s. If you've got them, share away. I'm on vwr springs with konis. No spacers. Offset is +45mm. Family shot (on old austins with dws06):
  10. nkresho

    FS: Passenger side Ed's BEC GTI headlight

    Selling my remaining headlight. $100 plus fedex actual; shipping cost. Mssage me with your zip for a quote. I have a fedex account, so it's a little cheaper than outright retail. Suicidal deer took her own life and about $4k worth of my GTI, to include the driver's side headlight. Selling...
  11. nkresho

    Anybody else use a Snow VC50 in the vent pod?

    Snow VC50 (meth controller) in the vent pod - don't do it if you use the heater So I finally replaced my Nason boost switch with a progressive controller. I've run a few DO kits in the past and decided to try Snow this time. For me, even at a $100 premium, replacing the boost gauge with a...
  12. nkresho

    is38 vs Bentley Bentayga

    So, driving home the other day from grabbing some lunch, I see this black SUV in my rear view, weaving in and out of traffic and getting on people's bumpers until they move over to let him pass. It's two lanes for a few miles, then merges to one, then back to two lanes. At the point before...
  13. nkresho

    My upgrade log: non-PP to PP brakes

    Good evening everyone. I just wanted to share what I've found researching, all in one place. Here's what I came up with. The car in question So, I wasn't able to find the unicorn I was looking for in April of 2016. I wanted an S model, pure white, with 4 doors and DSG with the PP and LP...
  14. nkresho


    Hey all, just a heads up if you use plex media server (like on a HTPC). I've been on a plex pass for about a year, since I dropped cable and went Roku. Cable was like 150 a month and now we're paying $20 for sling, plus $60 for internet. I use plex to stream my mkv collection to all devices...
  15. nkresho

    Hawk hps5.0 pads for the non-pp mk7 gti

    So, as it seems everyone wants do update the non-pp brakes (lots of threads on the topic), I was in the same boat. I don't track, I just wanted a bit more initial bite and temp resistance for the windy and hilly roads. To be perfectly honest, I picked up an Atlas in June and the brakes have...
  16. nkresho

    Will a DSP fix my volume control? Volume too high at start & too low past halfway

    Will a DSP fix my volume control? Volume too high at start & too low past halfway I installed a pair of amps a few months ago and still can't get my volume situation sorted out. It's working, just has bad granularity. 2016 S model (no fender audio) factory interior speakers factory head...
  17. nkresho

    Underfloor box that fits standard depth 10" sub

    Part of growing up is coming to the realization that with enough work, you don't have to give up as much. To-date, I've been running a single sealed 10 in a standard box. I built the box so that it matched the angle of the back seat, so I could retain as much trunk space as possible. It...
  18. nkresho

    Anybody else have their fans never run after shutdown?

    Hey all, This may be completely normal for our cars, so I'm just doing a status check, for my own sanity. All the cars I've owned before this mk7 gti have had some situations where the radiator fan runs after shutdown. For a few seconds to a minute or more. My 2014 tiguan runs for like 2...
  19. nkresho

    Finding RPM signal for dynojet torque reading

    So, i'm planning on heading to a local dyno on Saturday (2 days). Going to grab some ED stage 2 HT numbers and get a run with and without meth. I've read a few threads where people had a hard time finding the tach signal for the dyno. The shop i'm taking the car to is a mustang place. I...
  20. nkresho

    First try car doesn't start, cranks again and starts

    Anybody else have this happen? DSG car. I go to start the car, not quite a cold start (car sat for an hour, or less, since running). Press the brake, turn the key, release the key, and it cranks over, starts (for about 1 second), and gently stalls. Then, by itself, in like 2-3 seconds, the...