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    First time out to the drag strip

    2017 Golf R, EQT 91 octane stage 2 tune, all of the stage 2 bolt on supporting mods, EQT DSG tune, Bridgestone RE-71R’s. Best time was a 12.092 @ 112.86. Botched one of the starts, but all of my trap speeds were very close in the 112’s. The car seemed to bog off the start, and the last run I had...
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    Stock Mk7 Golf R catback exhaust - free

    Gone. Mods please delete.
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    Golf R Stage 2 No Fly Zone AZ 2021

    No Fly Zone is more of an open test and tune format. Line up with whoever and run the 1/2 mile. I lined up with a stock Kia Stinger, Challenger 5.7L, and a Cadillac CTS-V. The cadi was the only one that started to pull on me toward the end of the run. I got a good start and he had to make it up...