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    Pothole damage to one strut - replace both?

    My 2017 GTI suffered some damage to the front passenger side due to a pothole impact. I replaced the tire and the bent wheel, but they can’t get the car to align properly likely due to bent components on that corner. I have been advised to replace those components including the strut. Can I just...
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    Cracked sunroof trim?

    Somehow the black plastic trim around my sunroof cracked. I am trying to get it fixed but I am getting contradictory information as to what is actually involved in doing this. One shop told me that the entire sunroof mechanism needs to be replaced. One told me that just that trim piece can be...
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    Wheel insurance

    So the roads here are terrible. Despite what the sales person says when I asked, the VW wheel and tire insurance doesn’t seem cover bent wheels unless the tire is losing air due to the bend. (I know…) Are there any wheel insurances out there that do? 90% of the time I get a bend it’s enough to...
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    Brake feel altered with new tires?

    I have a 2017 GTI SE I recently replaced my Michelin Pilot Sport AS3+ with some Pilot Sport AS4 tires. I noticed now that the initial brake “bite” that I felt previously with my car is gone. I guess it could be the tires, but on paper at least the AS4 is at least as good as the AS3+ In braking...
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    Recirculation air intake?

    Does anyone know exactly where the recirculation air intake is in the MK7? I assumed it was in the passenger footwell but the three duct slots there don’t seem to have any suction when I turn recirc on. Where else might I look?
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    Crack in sunroof bezel/roof trim?

    It appears my 2017 VW GTI SE has a crack in the trim piece that surrounds the sunroof. Its not inside the water channel but outside on the roof. I guess its a plastic piece? Anyways, is this a concern for a leak? Is this the same as the recall/TSB for the sunroof leak/crack?
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    One key fob has shorter range than the other?

    I’ve noticed that with one of my key fobs I have to stand very close to the car for it to work (4-5 feet) whereas the other one works from 20-30 feet. The shorter range one started this after I the battery ran out and I used it with a dead battery for a few days. I’ve swapped batteries with the...
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    Daytime running light intermittent errors?

    My 2017 GTI SE has adaptive xenon headlights. The past couple months I have gotten an error in the console saying “check right daytime running light”. The right daytime running light is not working when this error is there. But the error goes away and the DRL works fine if I restart the car...
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    Coolant leaking past cap?

    Anyone know why this would be happening? Smells of coolant near the reservoir after a drive and it looks like there is residue making it past the cap? No indication that the car is overheating...
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    Steering click/knock sound

    My 2017 GTI just started making a clicking sound when steering. Car is stock, can be heard when sitting in a parking spot moving the wheel left or right. It’s coming from outside the car, it’s more audible on the driver side. Happens both when stationary and in motion. Car has 30k miles on it...
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    Pirelli P Zero AS Plus?

    Has anyone run these tires on their GTI? Have Pilot Sport AS3+ now and they are kind of noisy, considering trying the Pirelli AS+ next...
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    High pitched electronic whine sound?

    I have a 2017 GTI SE DSG with 30k miles. I noticed recently that when my cars electronics are on it makes a high pitched whining noise. It sounds like an electronic component whining/buzzing. It’s independent of the engine running. It can be heard even if the ignition is in accessory mode. It’s...
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    Error Transmission: You can continue driving

    I got out to my car today and when I I turned it on and shifted into reverse I got this message that says: “Error: Transmission. You can continue driving”. Does anyone know why this would happen? It’s a 2017 GTI SE DSG with 30k miles on it.
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    Issues with coolant expansion tank?

    Has anyone had issues with their coolant expansion tank leaking? Or with cap or the gasket? I ask because even though my thermostat was fixed after it was found to be leaking by Volkswagen under warranty, I still smell antifreeze. The smell is strongest around the passenger side near the...
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    Large amount of window condensation?

    On several occasions I have come out to my car this winter to see the entire front and rear windows with covered with condensation. Sometimes the side windows as well. Is this normal? This car is parked outside. Temps have been fluctuating between 20s and 40s. There isn’t any snow/moisture on...
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    Windshield replacement: OEM vs Fuyao

    My local glass company can get glass from the VW dealer or glass from Fuyao. Does anyone have experience with Fuyao aftermarket replacement windshields on this car? It’s a couple hundred dollar price difference between “official” VW replacement glass and the FYG aftermarket. I have a 2017 GTI SE...
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    Repeated issues with secondary air pump

    My 2017 GTI SE has been in to the dealer repeatedly under warranty for issues with the secondary air injection system. It throws code p2440 and a yellow check engine light goes on. They have replaced the valve and then the pump multiple times but the issue returns. Has anyone else had this...
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    Lemon GTI or par for the course?

    I have a 2017 Golf GTI SE DSG that I bought new in December of 2017 (5/2017 build date) that has been in the shop at lot. It’s had the following issues: - Sunroof rattle - Cracked/leaking washer fluid reservoir - Failure of the adaptive headlight turning mechanism (twice) - Failure of the...
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    MI Insurance rates?

    I've had my GTI for 2 years, and my insurance is higher than I was paying for my previous car (an E90 328i). I'm curious what other people pay for insurance on their GTI?
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    Coolant Smell?

    For the past couple of months I’ve noticed what I’d call a “chemical” smell when I open the hood on my 17 GTI. My coolant level is about half way between min and max in the expansion tank. I think it was at max when I got it about a year ago. I don’t see any puddles or leaks when I park the car...