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    Dashcam installation

    I meant tellum.
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    Dashcam installation

    Thanks tellement.
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    Dashcam installation

    Hi guys. Anybody knows of a good place in Ottawa to have a dashcam installed in a GTI? Thx.
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    Osram MK7 headlight housings - interested?

    How do I make sure I don’t pay VAT when ordering from Blauertacho?
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    Mk7.5 Euro tail lights - is it okay to have?

    Thx a million lordnikon288. Much appreciated.
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    Mk7.5 Euro tail lights - is it okay to have?

    Hello bob. From whom did you buy those taillights? How easy to install? Any custom harness required? Any coding required? Sorry for the questions but I would appreciate you sharing some info before I go ahead and spend money on this. Thx in advance. Claude. 2019 GTI in Canada
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    Premium gas in 1.8L TSI?!

    On the contrary. A turbo engine has a lower compression ratio.
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    Canada Eh?

    Gatineau here. 2019 base GTI. 6 MT. Love it. 4th GTI.
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    Advice on a 2015 Golf GTI 4d purchase

    Just a thought. Is it not a waste of money to get your son a nice car to drive just 3 miles to and from school. I would be worried about insufficient warm ups and all the attached troubles.
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    How much have you spent on your GTI and purchase do you regret the most?

    In Canada starting with 2019 models the R brakes were standard on the GTI. Even the base one. I know because I own one.
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    Is it possible a car can be this much fun?

    Snail you are right on. I have owned over 50 cars in my lifetime and this car (2019 GTI 6 MT) is the best. Just today the wife and I went out for a 2 hour drive. Just for the fun of it. Wonderful!
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    Need some advice from the GTI community

    76 here and just got a 6MT brand new 2019 last June. This is our fourth one. Wife loves driving it and so do I. We’ve had people come to us in parking lots congratulating us for driving such a sporty car at our age.
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    Top 10 Mk7 Mods

    Tires and suspension should be 1 and 2. The rest will not wo4k if you don’t do that first.
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Doesn’t matter. Same repair technology. I know because a buddy of mine just got this done.