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    November map updates

    Now available online from today.
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    VW recall in USA
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    Upgraded Spec - MY16 Golf GTD/GTI Models

    Now to include these previous options as standard in UK: Discover Sat Nav £750. Winter Pack £400. Keyless entry £365. All units built from week 22 ( starting 25 May 2015). Will go some way towards the recent price hike on these models if this is accurate this time round. Edit: Configurator...
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    Ultimate Tyre Test

    AutoExpress magazine have just undertaken a comprehensive tyre test using a Golf MK7. Interesting reading overall winner was Continental ContiSport Contact 5 followed by: 2. Michelin Pilot Sport 3 3. Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 4. Hankook Ventus S1 evo2 =4. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6. Yokohama...
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    Has anybody used it to download PDFs for future reference ?
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    So what OEM tyres is your Mk7 being fitted with a the factory ?

    So far : Michelin Primacy HP Dunlop Sport Maxx RT Michelin Energy
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    European car of the year 2013

    The new Golf has been shortlisted in the final eight. Award is to be selected from the input of 58 judges from 22 European countries With the results announced at the Geneva show on 4 March. Looking at the competition I think it stands a good chance of winning what with the new technology...
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    What tyres ?

    So what OEM tyres are being factory supplied on your Mk7 ?
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    What tyres ?

    So what OEM tyres are being supplied fitted on your Mk7 ?
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    Mk7 switchgear question

    Does anybody know what the 'A' marked button is for ( its positioned just below the 'mode' button ) aside of the gearstick ? Maybe a German or Norwegian member will know as there are physical cars there..
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    Not long now...

    Before the Mk7 will be in our showrooms only a few weeks to go . Have booked a test drive with my dealer but they don't yet know which model VWUK will allocate as a demonstrator. I'm guessing a fully loaded GT Model with the 1.4 ltr TSI ACT 140 engine as they will want to push the new...