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    Limited slip differential

    Howdy, so I have a 2018 7.5 with 12000 miles. On the first year service warranty they discovered an oil leak coming from the right output seal. Volkswagen Canada approved the repair, and it took a day. On the second year service warranty, they discovered the same problem. Volkswagen...

    Locked out and keyless entry

    Long story short, I left my keys in a bag, in the hatch area, and closed the hatch. That was it, locked out. I thought if you left the Fob in the car, you would not be locked out. Not so. According to tow truck driver who had to break in to retrieve them, the key was out of the proximity...

    Warranty Work

    Howdy, so I took my 2 year old Autobahn DSG in to the dealership for the 2nd year mainteance. The car has 7K miles on it. I pointed out that the sunroof had a big rattle in it. It was the glass rubbing against the motor, evidently. They put a strip of felt in, and then charged me $50 Us...

    Too much oil

    Howdy, so I read the dipstick, and it showed about half. So, I added maybe 1 pint.. Now it is reading well over the top line. So, I can't get at the plug with no jacks, so I bought 7' of 5/16" plastic tubing, hoping to get it down into the crankcase. I can't get it down. It goes in maybe...

    DSG Bliss

    So, I just discovered the tiptronic shifting using the stick. This is absolutely fantastic! Somehow I ignored this feature. I have been using the paddle shifters quite a bit lately as I think the normal D is lugging the engine too much in my daily driving. And using "S" seems too jerky...

    Road Trip and Rock Chips

    I am thinking of going on a winter trip through the mountains in my 7.5. A bra is out. Paint Protection Film is 2 grand here in Canada just for the front so that's out. So, I am prepared to take the chips on the paint and windshield. But, the head lamps are a different issue. Here they...

    Wax remover

    Howdy, I just waxed my car, but in my haste I waxed over some tiny flecks of something on the side mirror that should really have been dealt with first before I put on the wax. Nothing too significant, and I was in a hurry. Any recommendations for a good product to take off the wax, so I can...

    GTI acronym for "Get ticket Immediately"

    That's what I was told when I first bought the car 10 months ago. That's how long it took me to get one. First one in 30 years. $200 dollar fine. Twenty-two over in a 30 mph zone. So, what's your experience.? Be honest now!

    Brake feel 7.5 Autobahn

    Howdy, I like the brakes alot. But, I've noticed that I have about 2" of free play on the pedal before I feel any pressure when I am braking. The car has only 4k and has been driven lightly. I can't remember if there was any play when I first got it, or not. Should they be adjusted to...
  10. RSLICK

    Steering wheel jerks

    Intermittent, but sometimes I will press the start button, and the steering wheel will jerk maybe 5 degrees clockwise. The steering is great other than this. Thoughts?
  11. RSLICK

    Recommendations for protectant of felt

    Howdy, I have read one thread that recommends some products to stop creaky doors caused by the felt. I don't have this problem, but would just like to keep it as healthy as I can. Any recommendations?
  12. RSLICK

    Grand Turismo Injection

    Nope, that is horse toddles, and not what GTI stands for. It is - Get Ticket Immediately.
  13. RSLICK

    Speckled glass

    Howdy, three months into ownership of my 7.5 autobahn, and I am still loving the ride. For me, this is an amazing car. All except for the windshield that when sunlight is shining directly onto the glass, and looking out from the inside, it shows many, very tiny, glistening speckles. Of...
  14. RSLICK

    Cam follower HPFP

    Howdy, I have the EA888 gen 3. Best I can determine, this is no longer an issue. Is that true? Thanks in advance!!
  15. RSLICK

    Accidental red lining

    While driving on the highway about 50 mph, I was making a gentle turn. The DSG transmission was in normal drive mode, not manual, and I accidentally grabbed my left paddle shifter- a seniors moment if you will. It all happened pretty quick but I think it must have shifted into manual because...
  16. RSLICK

    De Loops

    I just noticed on my new Autobahn that on each side of the car, underneath on the undercarriage, and in front of the rear tires, there is what appears to be a cable hanging down in the shape of a loop. They extend down for just a few inches, but are quite noticeable if you stand back say...
  17. RSLICK

    Extended warranty deal?

    Howdy, I just picked up my new Autobahn yesterday. I am stoked. So, they offered me an extension. They offered the Protection Plus which is the best available here in Canada for $1500 US. This is for 10 years with a maximum mileage of 50,000 miles. I don't drive that much so my mileage...
  18. RSLICK

    Golf R brakes on Autobahn GTI 2018?

    I have read that for 2018 the Autobahn gets the Golf R brakes. Is this a fact? Are the calipers marked GTI? Are these the same size brakes as the brakes in the PP of last year?