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  1. Fraysa

    [Guide] How to replace the fuel door actuator module

    Intro So as most of you may know, like most VAG cars, the MK7 comes with a fuel door actuator that helps you open the fuel door by simply pushing it in, instead of those awful fuel door opener buttons most cars have in the driver's footwell. This is a really convenient feature, especially for...
  2. Fraysa

    2016 1.4TSI MK7 Misfire

    Hi everyone. I own a 2016 1.4TSI (150HP) Golf MK7 which had no issues whatsoever ever since I bought it. About two months ago I started my car and was sitting idle for a few minutes and then the check engine light flashed and the engine sounded rough. I knew it was a misfire so I immediately...
  3. Fraysa

    MK8 illuminated exterior door handles retrofit

    So, I found out that the exterior door handles on the MK8 are illuminated, similar to what we have on the MK7 exterior mirrors, which I find pretty cool. Sadly, only picture I found online: Anyone retrofit this yet or plan to? Looking at ETKA, the P/Ns for the door handles with the PR code...
  4. Fraysa

    Difference between MK7 halogen and MK7.5 halogen

    My friend owns a MK7 with halogen headlights and wants to upgrade to the MK7.5 halogen (the ones with the DRL at the bottom): I assume it won't be plug and play, since it's probably a different connector (can anyone confirm this?) -- and also is there anything else needed in terms of coding...
  5. Fraysa

    ETKA Question

    Does anyone know what the supersession part mean? Can I still buy the suppressed part? It's more common than the new one.
  6. Fraysa

    Chrome window trim surrounds

    Hey everyone, I know I'm probably gonna get a lot of hate for this, but I really want chrome window surrounds on my 2016 MK7. I've seen some aftermarket options on AliExpress/eBay that require glue to stick to the existing black rubber trim, which I dislike for two reasons: 1. It's...
  7. Fraysa

    Blind Spot Monitoring Retrofit Help

    Hey everyone, My driver side glass fell off while driving the other day - I think what happened is that because the previous owner lived in a very hot area, the glue slowly separated from the plate causing it to fall off. I've put replacement (non-genuine) glass for now, but I figured if I...
  8. Fraysa

    Replacing regular MK7 to GTI suspensions

    I found someone on Facebook selling a stock MK7 GTI suspension, struts and springs: Will I be able to fit these into a regular 1.4Tsi 2016 MK7? Is there a height difference?
  9. Fraysa

    LED reading light part number help

    Hey everyone. I want to retrofit the LED map reading lights, some guy on here told me it's plug and play (I currently have halogen). My car has sunroof, so I looked on ETKA and first there are two options: Since my car is 2016, I chose the second one and found 5TA 947 106 A as the applicable...
  10. Fraysa

    Interior color names and remarks?

    Hey, I found an overhead console I'm looking to purchase (the P/N is shared between MK7/Tiguan/Arteon) but I'm not sure if the color is right. I think my roof color/roof components color is Y20 - Pearl Gray. This is the item:
  11. Fraysa

    Do the new rims cause damage to my car?

    Hey everyone. I upgraded the stock 16" rims on my 2016 MK7 to genuine Audi 17" rims I got from a friend. This is the difference between the old/new rims: I've been running them without any spacers since I've got the car (a few months) and I've noticed a few issues: When turning the...
  12. Fraysa

    In need of spacers advice

    Hey everyone. I wanted to upgrade my stock 16" rims on my MK7 to 17", and my friend has an Audi A3 8P that he upgraded the rims on, so he gave me his "old" 17" genuine Audi rims which fit perfectly. However, there's one issue. When I turn the wheels all the way to either right or left, I can...
  13. Fraysa

    How I completely hid my Dashcam wires on my MK7

    Hey everyone! I'm a long time retrofitter coming from Audi, and this is one of the cool projects I've done on my Audi. I always disliked how the wires for the dashcams were just hanging there next to the interior rearview mirrors, so I had to come up with a neater solution. On my A3, I didn't...
  14. Fraysa

    How to replace seat belt buckle?

    Hey everyone. I bought my car with a broken plastic from the passenger side seat belt buckle. I ordered a new replacement part, but I'm not sure how to replace it. It seems it's held by a Spline type screw, but I'm not sure what size it is (my guess is M6, but I could be wrong). Also, I'm not...
  15. Fraysa

    Sticky quarter window trim

    Hey everyone. A few months ago, I started to notice the rubber trim around the driver side front quarter window is starting to... melt? The whole area became super sticky and everytime I try to clean it, I just get my hands super sticky and the residue keeps coming. Anyone ever had this issue...
  16. Fraysa

    ETKA - Search by VIN

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this. I want to be able to check if some parts fits my vehicle. I also see vendors on eBay asking for VIN to verify what part number you need and they always get it right. I assume they use ETKA and search by VIN but I'm not sure how to do it...
  17. Fraysa

    PDC Retrofit Question

    Hey everyone. I have some lame aftermarket PDC and I want to retrofit the genuine PDC. I already sourced out parts on eBay and I'm looking on Kufatec in order to buy the matching wiring looms. The PDC control unit pins look like so, where it has a 26 pin connector on the left and a (18?) pin...
  18. Fraysa

    LED reading light retrofit

    Has anyone ever done this? My 2016 MK7 came with yellowish (not super yellow, but around 3500K) halogen bulbs and I noticed on ETKA there's a LED version (P/N 5TA947105B or P/N 5TA947106 for sunroof versions). Any insights on how to retrofit these?
  19. Fraysa

    How to pass wires from interior to engine bay?

    Hey everyone. I'm currently on my way to retrofit the TPMS (SET!) and ESP off buttons in my center console. For them to work, I have to pass wires to attach to the ABS unit connector which sits at the engine bay on the left top side (approximately here): Searching online, there is a firewall...