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  1. GTI_JoEy

    KR on EQT Stage 2 93

    I will try to after work and post the reply for your feedback. Since I’m stock clutch still I didn’t want to push it too hard. I usually shift between 3k and 4k and mix in some pulls here and there. Looking into clutch upgrades. Recommendations?
  2. GTI_JoEy

    KR on EQT Stage 2 93

    Usually 3rd or 4th gear, between 4k and 5k rpm range.
  3. GTI_JoEy

    KR on EQT Stage 2 93

    I also feel as though the car isn’t as torquey as the first pull I did in sport after tuning the car. In normal it just feels like it’s gliding when giving it throttle as opposed to tires spinning when I first pushed it.
  4. GTI_JoEy

    KR on EQT Stage 2 93

    Hey guys, currently running EQT OTS Stage 2 93 on my 2020 GTI 6spd m. I’m currently almost at 15k miles, CTS High flow Catted DP with vibrant res and TCR exhaust, CTS FMIC, IE CAI and IE Inlet pipe still on factory clutch and am saving up for a stage 2. I have recently started data logging as...
  5. GTI_JoEy


    Hello, I don’t really post on here but felt the need to get some feedback as I am having an issue. I own a 2020 GTI SE 6MT. Current mods on it are CTS Catted DP (vibrant O2 spacer) IE turbo inlet and CAI and CTS FMIC. I’m running stock tune still and will be going stage 2 this weekend. I was...
  6. GTI_JoEy

    Diverter Valve Connector Keeps Coming Off

    Can you share the link please?
  7. GTI_JoEy

    CTS catted-downpipe STINKS! (literally)

    So I’ve had my CTS Catted DP installed for almost a month now, about 500+ miles on it. Stock tune, stock catback exhaust with res still (looking for a good aftermarket exhaust to pair with it so any feedback would be greatly appreciated) I notice the gas fumes when I start the car and put the...