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  1. GenX Retread

    What springs do you like on a car with DCC?

    I tried a search, but it returns a hit for every post by someone with DCC in their sigline... I'm thinking of the H&R OE Sport springs. I don't want to go very aggressive on drop or stance, but a little low would be good. Significant drop springs or coilovers are out. I'm generally impressed...
  2. GenX Retread

    What are your favourite winter tires?

    The best winter boots I've ever had on a car were Toyo Observe G-02s, on my '95 GTI VR6. That car was basically unstoppable with those tires; great tread pattern, and the walnut shells ground up in the rubber aren't a placebo... those things stuck to ice like hockey skates. The only time I got...
  3. GenX Retread

    Where is this paradise?

    Where in the world is a coastal town/city, relatively affordable, with good sailing and an active sailing community, or at least yachty boatyards, and excellent roads nearby for motorcycling and general vehicular fun time? Since I'm in Canada, let's say somewhere other than Canada. Basically...
  4. GenX Retread

    Audio output just... quits.

    Yesterday for the 4th time, my stereo just decided to quit making sound. Every time this happens it's the same routine: I've been playing music at high volume for a while, and then the sound just dies. I'm half deaf, and some bands are not to be enjoyed at tepid volumes. It doesn't matter what...
  5. GenX Retread

    What other cars did you test drive or consider before buying your VW?

    Mustang GT PP1: this is the car I really wanted, but optioned equally to my GTI - all the driver assist tech, adaptive suspension, LSD etc.- would have cost just a hair under $60K CAD - that's $20K more than I paid. Mini: Mostly because they look cool, but they drive horribly, lack power, and...
  6. GenX Retread

    '21 GTI Impressions, Hits, & Misses

    Background: I picked up a '21 GTI Autobahn DSG 5 weeks ago. It's my first 'car' since 2005; during that long winter of my discontent I've been driving pickups (a dozen I think) and one Explorer. Before that I had Mk3 2.0 and VR6 GTIs back to back, and also an NB MX-5, an '81 RX7 GSL and a...
  7. GenX Retread

    Windshield on '21 GTI is flawed...

    My windshield isn't optically perfect across the width; about 6" from either edge there is a band of vertical ripples. To be completely honest, I've had the car a month and only noticed it yesterday, so it's not at all severe. At first I thought it was a funky effect of polarized lenses, but I...