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  1. robo_remy

    If you had to drive your Mk7 1000+ miles on gravel/dirt...

    Thanks for all of the information! Based on responses, I am leaning toward getting 4 Firestone Weathergrip tires on 16 steelies (215/55R16). This will give me 34% more sidewall than what I currently have, and the tires will be decent to just throw on for upcoming winters, as well. They are a...
  2. robo_remy

    Side mirror compatibility: Highline & Golf R

    I had my driver side mirror taken off by a school bus while parked a couple months back. Everything was broken. Thankfully I didn't need to deal with insurance since they left a note, but I found buying the few required parts directly from the dealer, then performing the work myself, was...
  3. robo_remy

    2017 GTI - CarPlay audio not working intermittently

    I've had an ongoing issue with the stock infotainment system in my '17 GTI with regards to Apple CarPlay. About one out of every five times I plug in a phone to play audio via CarPlay, it shows that the song is playing but the audio is stuck at zero. Also no navigation audio or message...
  4. robo_remy

    If you had to drive your Mk7 1000+ miles on gravel/dirt...

    Hey all, new to this forum and this is my first post! I have a 2017 GTI S (mostly stock, 39k miles) and I have spent the last year outfitting it for car camping (yes, it's possible to sleep two people comfortably in a GTI, but that's another topic). The plan is to take the car on a 3 week trip...
  5. robo_remy

    Slow But Steady Coolant Loss - What Dealer Told Me - Should I Buy Their Explanation?

    I have a very similar issue. Most of my normal driving doesn't matter, but driving aggressively can noticeably lower it. Bombed it up McKenzie Pass in the Cascades with 4 people and 4 days of luggage (and a full Thule), started it up the next morning with a low coolant warning but no visible...
  6. robo_remy

    Hatch is leaking water - Hopefully fixed

    Thank you! I'm getting some water ingress on the right side of the hatch about once out of every 8 times it rains, drains out thru one of the access panels when the hatch is opened. I'll check the tail light, and I am curious what you discover as well.