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    Harsh (delayed) transmission engagement, worse in wet weather

    No fault codes (I have VCDS), problem worse in humid weather and/or slight incline with front lower. Seems related to Stability control - when ABS/ESC came off when wheel speed sensor failed, problem stopped until sensor replaced. Reset DSG twice, changed clutches and transmission fluid. None of...
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    Coding in lane assist, already have camera /high beam assist

    Hi, I have High Beam Assist and therefore ALREADY HAVE the windscreen camera for this. Can I code in lane assist and / or traffic sign recognition? MK7 Golf
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    DSG harsh engagement, no fault codes, help!

    MK7 TSI 1.4 DSG. Harsh / Rough engagement (slight delay then bangs into gear OR when I press on gas, car accelerates late & not proportional to accelerator position initially), Happens when starting from stop, even a long standing stop. Happens when auto start stop turns engine off and when auto...
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    Loose door no longer stops half way

    Golf MK7 drivers door no longer stops half way and very loosely swing open without any resistance. Can I easily fix on my own without removing door etc (minimal effort) or dealer job? Its not under warranty and wanting to minimise cost. Door closes and seals fine.
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    Advice needed for addressing DSG issues including delayed gear engagement

    Can I please have some advice on next step to fix below issues as there are no fault codes. Thanks Model: 2013 MK7 Golf 1.4 TSI DRY Clutch, DSG# 0CW300044T00U. 25,000 miles. Under VW used car warranty. Issues: (not felt when I drove another Golf of same model so not 'features' of DSG) 1)...
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    Can DSG reset to re-adapt clutches worsen shift quality?

    DSG Shift quality has worsened over last few months (speed of shift, bucking, clunky etc.). Each only happens occasionally but definitely more often than before, specially in cold weather. I've driven other Golfs like mine without these issues. Clutch pack & DSG service was done 6 months...
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    When it rains, electrics give trouble, help!

    Hi, I have a MK7 1.4 TSI DSG. When it rains (and only when it rains) some electrics start behaving strangely. Eg the Front Assist overreacts ie when I am far from the car in front it beeps and the front assist warning appears. Also the reversing camera that came with the car doesn't open. Any...
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    Delayed 1st(first) and reverse gear engagement in dsg

    Hi, My Golf MK7 TSI DSG has intermittent & seemingly more frequent when cold, delayed 1st and reverse gear engagement. ie takes like a second for the transmission to engage from a stop while engine is running when pulling off resulting in a rough snap / jerk when transmission engages. I have...
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    Possible to upgrate Auto Start-Stop?

    Hi, I have a 2013 MK7 Golf and also drove a 2014 MK7. Both these models, when engine cuts off on stop, only way to restart is to press on accelerator. With 2016+ MK7 models however, when car pulls off in front, the car restarts, clearly using the distance control sensor to detect this and...
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    Worsening DSG downshift clunkiness / poor rev matching over time

    I bought a used VW Golf 2014 TSI with 60k miles. I noticed the downshift was clunky (not smooth) with poor rev matching. I exchanged this Golf after a month for a 2013 (same model) with 20k miles. I drove replacement in cold weather & downshift seemed smoother. But mostly when hot outside, I...
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    DSG-Burning smell in cabin after hard driving

    Per subject, 20,000 miles 1.4 TSI SE DSG->Get slight burning smell in cabin after hard driving in and out of sport mode (sport<->economy). Under normal driving & occasional quick acceleration, don't smell anything. Still under warranty (1 year used car Das velt). Any reason to be concerned or...
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    Damage with physical jerk/snap when gear engages?

    With Auto start/stop, car takes a few seconds to restart. To minimize wait to drivers I tend to rev engine while restarting so car starts off immediately which can result in a sharp physical jerk/snap as gear engages. Same for reversing, Reverse takes a few seconds to engage and I'm sometimes...