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    Strut Brace for Golf TSI

    Hi Just wondering if anyone has had any luck with finding a strut brace for the Golf 90 TSI. Please let me know. Thanks
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    Where is everyone

    Any Mk7 owners on the forums living in Brisbane ?
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    Coilovers, new springs, cutting springs

    Hi everyone, I am thinking about getting either coil overs or new springs for my 90TSI. Can anyone recommend any brands or products. Before I get the new parts I am considering just cutting my springs to drop the car a little bit. What is the general consensus on this ? Cheers
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    ECU Chipping for 90TSI

    Hi everyone, I am thinking about getting my 90TSI performance chipped in the next few months. What are your opinions do you think its worth it, also does anyone know what kind of performance increase I would be looking at if I do get it done. Cheers:)
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    Hi guys, Just thought i'd share here, I decided to remove the Blue Motion badge off my 90TSI the other day. I think it gives it a bit of a cleaner look. I am now considering the TSI badge too.