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    VWR OIL Catch Can

    Hi, is this the new version or the older version plate?
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    P2188 and hard to start when engine is hot

    Interesting topic, I'm also having the same problem, my car starts normally from a cold start but as soon as I start from cold and switch off it refuses to start again. Have to crank couple times and give it some throttle. After it starts I can get a strong fuel smell. I then fitted a catch can...
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    Help Required... Too rich at idle error

    Hi gents, Need some help with my audi S3 8v, the past 2 weeks been receiving the below error code: Fuel control system 2 (bank 1) (P21F9) too rich at idle For the past 2 weeks the car starts Normal on cold start, but if I switch off and try starting again it does not. Have to crank a couple...
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    help with 19inch

    Just purchased a set of 19inch CHR bbs rims for my G7 GTI....the car as been already lowered with hnr 35mm springs so what tyre size should I use , considering my car is already lowered?
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    Will 20inch BBS LM rims fit on my golf 7 GTI?

    As the topic states will the 20inch bbs lm style rims fit on my 2013 Golf 7 GTI? looking to change the rims this weekend and the bbs is my option...not to forget the car is lowered on HnR lowering springs...:confused: Rims are 5/112pcd and what offset should I be going for front? rear?