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    MPI question

    I've been doing my due diligence for upgrading my Turbo in the future. I'm pretty sure I'm not looking for the absolute most power, but am intrigued by the MPI system providing more fuel headroom and the added benefit of keeping the valves and ports clean. The question that's been in my mind, is...
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    What is the sweet spot in terms of power, reliability and drive ability?

    Fellas, I realize this is a nebulous and subjective question and everyone will have a different opinion. I also realize that there are compromises to be made and everyone is willing to sacrifice in one area in order to gain in another. That being said, I’ve held off on going deep into power...
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    Brake bleeding and ABS

    Just did my first pad and rotor change on my GTI. My pedal travel is fairly long and spongy. I used the motive power bleeder and followed the LF, RF, LR, RR sequence. I’ve bled many cars and haven’t really had this issue. I’m assuming air go into the ABS system. I bled at 15 psi per the...
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    Does anyone have experience using the CP-E xFlex engine mounts?

    Looks interesting. Would love to hear from anyone who has experience with them. They look to be less expensive purchased through ECS.
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    Tyrol Deadset kit vs. 034 subframe locking collars etc.

    I have the Tyrolsport rear deadset kit and it is very nice. I plan on installing front subframe deadset or something similar soon when I install my front sway bar. Is there a substantial advantage, if any, to using the Tyrolsport kit vs. 034, racingline etc.? I realize the Tyrol kit includes...
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    Tuning options for California

    Please forgive me if this has been covered already, I tried finding a specific link. I am gearing up to tune my '17 GTI 6MT. I already have a JB4 with a nice map 6, Bull-X downpipe.......... It's really nice and fun to drive as is and has been completely reliable. I'd like some more power, just...
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    Superpro lower control arm machining discrepancy?

    Fellas, I just noticed that one of my LCAs ball joint holes are drilled slightly off center by about 1mm. Will this cause a caster imbalance between the driver and passenger sides?
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    Euro code front and rear sway barsv

    Hello all, I’m a long time lurker here. I’m doing my due diligence for a somewhat conservative street performance suspension upgrade for my GTI in the near future. My priorities are handling and refinement, not looking for super slammed stance. I accept that some NvH comes with the territory...