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    Monster Mats

    I have monster mats from my 2017 GTI for sale. They’re used but not damaged in any way. Please make an offer if you’d like them.
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    VW CarGo Mat + Blocks

    I have the CarGo Mat and storage blocks from my 2017 GTI that was totaled last year. No damage to them. If you’d like them please make an offer.
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    Front quarter panel window tinting

    So I have scheduled an appointment to have my windows tinted and before I could even ask about the front quarter windows (by the side mirrors), the shop told me they can’t tint those unless I remove the molding allowing easier access. Does anyone know how this could be done? The windows are...
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    Reoccurring problem with rear tail lights

    So I have had my 2017 GTI SE since April, and this has happened about four separate times. All three times after or during rain. Upon starting the car, I get the following warning messages: Check left tail light! Check right tail light! Check left brake light/turn signal! Check third brake...
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    Difference between these two Euro tail lights

    Does anyone know what the difference is between these two different euro tail light options? I guess maybe one is just colored differently and includes the harness? There is a pretty big price difference, so unless I'm missing something I'm not sure why that is. This one is $599...
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    2017 GTI Wait Time

    I ordered a 2017 GTI SE on December 21st and was told that the standard wait time is 12-16 weeks. Last week, dealer contacted me and said that their order system is still showing that it will be arriving in April - which would be 16 weeks. Has anyone recently ordered a 2017 GTI and how long did...