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    Stg2 boost at redline

    I’ve tried to search for what stg2 boost levels are at redline but only find threads talking about peak boost. Care to share your numbers?
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    Apr stg2 v2.8 -

    Got my car flashed to stg2, did intercooler and I take along with the DP. The car is definitely more responsive and the mid-range is fantastic. One thing I noticed was that just rolling away from a stop my car felt as though it was ‘riding the clutch’. It doesn’t get rolling U til about...
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    DSG: forgot release parking brake

    Did a stupid thing yesterday. I was getting my new wheels put on and they needed me to back up a tad to center my car on their floor lift. I tried to roll back a bit but my car wouldn’t budge. I kept giving it more gas and nearly floored the thing until I realized my e-parking brake wasn’t...
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    RPM dependent cold engine noise

    Hopefully y’all can help me figure this out. Whenever the car is cold it makes a whizzing/rattling noise that seems to be RPM dependent. It goes away once the oil temp starts to register on the MFD. there’s absolutely no other sounds or issues once warm. Car has APR stage 1 ECU/TCU flash...
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    Hit some highway debris

    Well, I thought I was a pretty careful driver but this goes to show that accidents do and will happen. Driving to work last week I hit a front bumper cover in the middle of the highway.... that bumper cover won. Killed my bumper cover, adaptive cruise control module, AC condenser, and some...
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    APR low torque file and DSG

    There are a few threads on this topic with statements as 'any tune can potentially cause DSG slip' but not too many objective posts. I was just wondering how many of you are actually having issues. Please post which tune you have and at what miles after getting tuned did you begin to...
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    Xpel paint protection film

    Got my R's front clip fully wrapped yesterday. Absolutely love it. Looks great, feels awesome, and I have more peace driving it on the hwy... although I did get a rock chip on the rear passenger door today. Wish I had the cash to wrap the full car. I'd highly recommend this product to anyone...