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    Body Shop Northwest Suburbs

    Hey guys, Just bought a golf that has liscense plate holes. Debating trying to diy fill the holes but wanted to check prices from a body shop. Any recommendations? I’m in the Mundelein/Vernon Hills/Libertyville area. Appreciate it, thanks.
  2. J

    WTB Golf R Chicago

    Just sold my BMW 1-Series this morning. Ready to buy a golf R ASAP. Need the 6sp, will not buy DSG. Only want a stock/never modded car. Willing to travel a considerable distance to purchase. Prefer the nav/dcc/fender package, not required. Want to spend under 30k. Thanks!
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    Aftermarket Shift Knob

    New member, first post. Thinking of getting into a slightly used GTI, may have found one but noticed the shift knob is not stock. Car also has aftermarket BBS wheels, just curious if the shift knob looks familiar to the forum vets. Tried searching prior to posting but no luck. Car is not from a...