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    Two years later and he still continues to surprise me

    Did you guys know there's a tiny vent in the glovebox to cool it? There's a rotary knob under the SD card slot to switch it on or off..:)
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    Her first probe..

    Hi guys. i'll be giving my mk7 to be probed for the first time on the weekend and just wanted to get an idea of any do's and don'ts from previous experience. maybe what to ask the service advisor for, what to personally see, etc. any thoughts would be great.. :)
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    When does turbo operate on MK7 Gti?

    Hey guys. Pretty straightforward question. 1. From a standstill, under the most economical accelerating conditions, any idea when the turbo kicks in? From what speed or rpm? 2. I assume there's a wastegate actuator for the mk7 gti and was wondering if it's electronically controlled to remain...
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    You know you love your car way too much...

    ...when a huge ass school bus is flashing you cos you're doing 60kph on a 3 lane road cos you're OCDing on brake dust ruining your shiny alloys!!:D
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    Shout out to all the VW guys...all the way from the Middle East!

    Just got back from a 2 week holiday in California. In a city taken over by Audis and (B)ig (M)oney (W)asters, kudos to all the VW owners in LA. Drove along the pacific coast in a Versa and only wished I could do that in my Gti! Absolutely breathtaking!
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    Wheel hop

    Hey guys. So just pushed the car a bit more than expected and experienced 'wheel hop'..probably a bad thing but def felt exciting!
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    Strange engine rattle

    Hi guys. Posted it on the general section of the forum and thought I'd post it here too. Just wanted to see if anyone's having similar issues to mine. I have a very "bassy" rattle from the engine whenever I shift gears but it doesn't happen all the time. However, it's more frequent when the car...
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    Strange engine rattling

    Hi guys. Just wanted to see if anyone's having similar issues to mine. I have a very "bassy" rattle from the engine whenever I shift gears but it doesn't happen all the time. However, it's more frequent when the car just engages into first gear or when I'm on first gear and I let go of the gas...
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    GTi engine/turbo noises

    Guys, just wanted your inputs on few issues. Maybe it's me ocd-ing but every now and then when i let go of the gas at low speeds (below 20 or 30kph), i hear a momentary (bass-y) rattle. almost like the engine's gurgling. i'm not sure if it's from the turbo or from the engine. And then last...
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    Care Package?!

    As the title suggests, does anyone know what a care package from the dealership consists of? I got a call from VW on a potential care package that I should expect soon..
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    Leadtime on a special order

    Hey guys. Finally put a down payment for my GTi. Got a full option model (CSG), got the standard seats (like the clark pattern), driver profile selection, DCC, didn't opt for dynaudio and didn't get the nav pro cos I expected high running costs on both the options. Just wanted to know if anyone...
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    ACC ?!

    Guys. Help me out please. After a lot of waiting for VW to solve all its teething problems with the GTi, I've placed my order. I've ordered for Adaptive Chassis Control and from what I understand it has 5 modes (individual, eco, normal, sport and something else) that you select from the screen...
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    GT....EEK!! Can't say I didn't see this coming...
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    Terribly slow dealer service! Help!!

    Guys. I'm trying to place an order for a customized GTi next month and I've asked the dealers in Dubai for a quote and it's been nearly a month now with no answer. Anyone with an idea on how long it takes to get a quote before I hit the roof with them?
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    VW Technical Glossary

    One-stop shop on what the specs mean briefly! A tad outdated though as it doesn't cover the second generation of ParkAssist. Hope it's useful..:)
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    Carbon Steel Grey or Reflex Silver GTi?

    Hi guys. Simple enough question - which is a better colour on the GTi? Wanted to get opinions on the pros and cons of both colours.
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    First recorded GTi MK7 crash!!

    Thought I'd share this with everyone. :eek:
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    Active Cylinder Technology?

    Any idea if the Mk7 GTi models have active cylinder management or are they running on 4 cylinders at all times?
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    What rims are these?

    Can anyone help me with getting the name of these rims please? Also, does anyone know if the Glendale rims are available in 18 inches?