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    Key fob window roll up/down not working now

    Last year I used odb11 to add fob window control but now it's not working and now my sunroof isnt one touch on the button, it needs to be held down the entire time. A week ago I spilled a drink on my door panel and fried the switch for the drivers door window, I can roll it down but not up so...
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    WTB 2017 short block

    My car currently has 29k on it, so I would obviously like less miles on the engine. I dont want an engine from the northeast that is rusted out from road salt. Leads on an engine are highly encouraged. Thanks
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    Back seat and molle panels

    I havent had my car with me for a while so I cant go out and check it myself. I want to get a large molle webbing panel for various pouches and strapping points. Is the back of the rear seat able to secure velcro and if so is it a weak or strong mating surface? If its weak, what is the hard...
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    Did you get crank walk with a dkm clutch? Get in here!!

    Its apparent that there has been quite a few thrust bearing failures in cars with the dkm twin disk and I'd like to get everyone together that it's happened to collect information and come up with a course of action. I suppose if this has happened to you then list your build date, whether you...
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    Alignment specs

    I'm due for an alignment and currently have lowering springs and a 26mm h&r on the back. I have all seasons on the car now and I honestly cant really tell it has a bigger bar, I can feel that its flatter in turns but the car doesnt feel like its rotating differently. I'm thinking my alignment is...
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    What to look for in coilovers

    I've never purchased coilovers but now thinking of buying some. What I really dont want is rebranded mass produced chineseium, or companies that dont r&d to each car. What I mean is they use the same shock and valving on 8 different fwd cars because the customer really doesnt know better. I'd...
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    Adding led's to front cupholders

    I'm wanting some light in my cupholders but when it comes to led's I'm totally brain dead. I want the light to flood from the top like the door handle led's do, I don't want to just glue an led in and have it light up in 360* and I'd also like it red. Where would I find a light like that and...
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    Gti SE no fog lights?

    I was under the impression that all Se's have fog lights, but there's a car 180 miles from me that is clean but I'm wondering if it's damaged even though the car fax says its clean. The car is a 17, has a sunroof, fender audio, and the kicker , the light package headlights. I'm thinking it got...