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    mdi cable

    Hi, I have a 2013 golf GT that came with the old iPod cable. I bought a green collared 5n0 035 554 H cable which work fine but is now broken. I have seen one that I can buy but t is a green collared 5n0 035 554 F code. This also came from a MK7 golf. Anyone shed any light on if it will work...
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    No sensor view

    Hi, 2013 gt. I bought extended 5 year warranty from VW when in got the car. For some reason I get an error message that the front sensor is not working and ACC cannot be activated. This happens repeatedly during a drive. I booked it in to dealer and was told I had to leave a £99 deposit in case...
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    Map Update help

    I have updated my maps in the past but I'm struggling now. I have 2013 golf GtThe whole unit was replaced in 2014 and is now H41 Downloaded Discover Care on Mac (checksum failed) and PC (file error) Both said my 64GB card was unsuitable but let me go ahead. I have used this card 3 times in the...
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    Damaged alloy refurb

    Hi, Had a damaged alloy referred and a new tyre (balanced) and there is a consisted quiet hum which gets significantly louder at 40mph. I guess it is a new alloy unless anyone here can suggest another reason cheers Lawrie
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    Should really know this...

    I have the MDI green collared cable which works fine with iPhone 5…so should I have a USB input somewhere in the car? Got many unidentified slots and grooves in glovebox etc (most of which appear to be dummy) as well as 2 sd slots. As well, is it possible to play video through the iPhone via...
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    Dealer waste of my time

    Rant... My Discover pro has the common fault of: reverting to German map freezing footwell lights reverting to default. It is a known fault and VW recommend a software update to fix. I call dealer and describe the issue and what the solution is. " We must test it first" Nothing to test...
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    High Beam Assist

    Unless I have set this up incorrectly it is a waste of time. came through some dark country lanes this evening and it takes much too long to come back on full beam. Almost went off the road once. Any way to adjust this? I
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    search this forum

    don't work for me… ..does it for you?
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    dilute vw screen-wash?

    Hi, Bought some screen wash concentrate and as far as I can see there is no ratio for dilution. Any ideas?
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    DAB logo display

    I have the logos displaying fine but if I select 'view' - 'station info' all I get is a large DAB logo. The GTI forum indicates that some folk have a large tation image here. Anyone managed that?
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    Anyone using their paddles?

    1.4 tsi gt and used them a couple of times. I am not as good as the DSG at picking the right gear.
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    a few thoughts...

    Just driven 2000 miles in France and come to a few conclusions: ACC: indispensable. As soon as I trusted it it made long drives effortless Lane change assist: Switched it off. The motorways were so quiet that it kept reminding me to take control. I had control, but there was nothing to do...
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    adaptive lane guidance

    there is a setting in the assist setup where you can tick/untick adaptive lane guidance. When untucked my lane assist works fine. What does ticking/enabling that option achieve? thanks
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    bluetooth phone

    Hi, My old Nokia 6500 connects beautifully by bluetooth... ...and regularly disconnects and reconnects even though I have a strong signal. Any ideas what this is?
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    Lane assist (crosspost)

    Does anyone have lane assist and seen the speed signs in the MFD? They should display there (MFD) after being recognised by the camera in the rear view mirror. They will show on the sat nav but that data is stored on the hard drive. For some this is not working.
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    What pleases you about your MK 7?

    A few of us are still waiting for ours to turn up and I wondered what was a pleasant surprise when you took delivery?
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    Marrakech and Limestone Grey?

    Hi, About to order Mk 7 and wondered if anyone had any ideas about the grey Marrakech colour scheme. Would prefer black exterior but live in country and would look a mess for most of the time. last two VW's ( Golf GT & California) have been grey with grey leather and OK. No grey option and...