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    Small rubber piece near glovebox or dash?

    Does anyone know what this rubber piece is? I can't seem to find where it came from I was changing my cabin filter, so I did pop out the glove box. I'm not sure if it came from there.
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    FS: MK7 Golf R / GTI / S3 Porsche Macan Front Brake Kit

    This BBK should fit any MQB / MK7 / MK7.5. e.g. GTI, Golf, Golf R, Audi S3, Tiquan, A3, Q3 All parts are brand new: 2 Porsche Macan Brembo Calipers 2 PowerStop Rotors 345mmx30mm X Drilled & Slotted w/ painted hats Custom SS Brake Lines PowerStop Z23 Pads 1L Pentosin DOT4 LV Brake Fluid Total -...
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    FS: MK7 Golf R Front Brakes

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    Consolidated Macan Brembo upgrade thread (READ FIRST POST)

    Thanks for this informative thread! For all of you who got stock / OEM Macan brake lines, how much longer were they? Where do you zip tie them to? What about Q5 lines? Will those fit?
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    VW MK7 GTI / Golf R Driver Steering Airbag

    I'm selling a Volkswagen drivers side airbag. I believe the part number is 5GM880201J. It was originally for my MK7 Golf R, but I'm guessing it will also fit any MK7 or MK7.5 Golf R or GTI. $SOLD Pickup in Markham / GTA. Thanks for looking!