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  1. MonkeyMD

    Tire Log Spreadsheet

    I have an excel sheet I use to track mileage and modifications, but wanted to see if anyone has already created a sheet to track tire usage if you have multiple sets of tires Miles on car Time on car Position of specific tires (and how do you track this?) Event type Any other propertinentfo I...
  2. MonkeyMD

    Is this the most scenic drag strip?

    Came across this article about a drag strep in WV that has been in limbo since 2015. Really sad as it looks amazing
  3. MonkeyMD

    Securing battery down

    So last 2 Auto-x, was told on inspection that my battery is loose. I found this bracket, but couldn't find any info on it. Anyone use this or does everyone just use zipties or something? I guess for $14, could try it...
  4. MonkeyMD

    Decent camera for Autocross / track

    I feel like it would be beneficial to start recording autocross runs (and track soon). Usually the type to research endlessly and end up buying the "best" even though I probably don't need the capabilities. I have researched some and obviously the GoPro 9 black is the best. But do I really...
  5. MonkeyMD

    Stoptech ST40 brake pad options

    What model car do you search for when searching for brake pads for ST40 355mm kit? I see mention of Porsche big red turbo pads, but have no idea what that is specifically. What pads are you using for your st40 kit (specific part #) ? Pros/cons Street? Track? Autocross? I actually like the...
  6. MonkeyMD

    Golf R sale causes fight

    Just read the dealer notes for this car.
  7. MonkeyMD

    Cheap Impact Gun

    What's a decent cheap impact gun. Only need it for taking lug bolts off and on? Found this one. Decent reviews. RYOBI IMPACT
  8. MonkeyMD

    SOLD : Flow One F2 18x9 Gray Wheels $540 - PICKUP ONLY (Austin, Tx)

    SOLD 5 x Flow One F2 wheels Gray 18x9 et45 5x112 21lbs Comes with hub rings $540 I just ordered 5 of these (1 as a spare) They look great. The metallic flake in the gray makes them pop. Only issue is they don't clear my Stoptech ST40 brakes without a 10mm spacer. If they don't sell, I'll...
  9. MonkeyMD

    Threw up in my mouth a little today

    Saw this come up behind me. I wasn't prepared for the revulsion it induced. And it looks much better in the picture.
  10. MonkeyMD

    SOLD : 1.8 SB Stage 3 Clutch, wavetrac LSD, BFI Stg 1 Tranny Mount

    All sold As promised, here are all the parts for sale from my 1.8 5 speed. Some will work on the GTI and R as well. I'll try to post that info, but please correct me if I'm wrong. If it's in the picture, that's what you're getting. If you need more pics, let me know, but I'm not good with...
  11. MonkeyMD

    TikTok - funny, car, them here

    DAP getting into modding electric cars
  12. MonkeyMD

    Grunt grunt...fix

    Don't know why this guy is so entertaining.
  13. MonkeyMD

    How to save money shipping a downpipe Sorry if you don't have TikTok, but couldn't save the video
  14. MonkeyMD

    Vs ~2003 V6 Accord. Yeah, I was shocked too.

    This silver 4dr V6 Accord was in front of me at a light that goes into a highway. Looked clean and I did notice high performance tires on it, but looked stock otherwise. No loud exhaust or fart cans. Ok...not bad. Light turns green and he rolls into it slowly, so gave up hope that he's...
  15. MonkeyMD

    How you deal with trespassing kids
  16. MonkeyMD

    I want to buy a car from this employee

    So depressing lately. Nice to see a good story every once in a while.
  17. MonkeyMD

    Cool racing / car videos

    Wasn't sure where to post this but it was too good not to. Just starting a thread to post cool racing videos from youtube or wherever
  18. MonkeyMD

    Which clutch on FWD 1.8 with IS38?

    What clutch to go with for 1.8 fwd with IS38 and potentially stacking jb4 with e30? Searched a little bit and have seen only 2 examples of 1.8 fwd going is38 or similar. One had SBC stage 3 endurance and 1 had stage 2 endurance with no issues. Price difference is negligible. Key thing for me...
  19. MonkeyMD

    Is this Turbo Inlet Pipe defective?

    So I just received my APR turbo inlet pipe, but it looks used or defective to me or maybe I was expecting more for the price. Would like some feedback if it looks normal or not or if it'll affect anything if I use it. To me, it looks like the metal had chipped and maybe that it has been...
  20. MonkeyMD

    Turbo to NA conversion - another wastegate thread

    Tldr Changed wastegate voltage from 1.6 to 3 and now no boost Full story Alright. So I've had an EPC light for a while. OBD scan and my shop both point to bad, or going bad, wastegate actuator. Ordered a new turbo, blah blah blah. Not here yet. Not important for the current discussion...