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  1. Vwfreak1

    Tail lights on North American Golf/GTI

    As we all know here in North America, for some odd reason we often get different tail lights than the rest of the world. I am a bit annoyed by what the DOT decides when it comes to amber flashers for tail lights, as seen on the NA models on display in various car shows, we will be shafted...
  2. Vwfreak1

    GTD Official for North America

    Guess they finally made the right decision:D:
  3. Vwfreak1

    Seems the Golf is coming in April...

    Of 2014. As per this article from Autoblog, read here:
  4. Vwfreak1

    Oh noes!!

    Still nothing 100% sure but chances are the Golf will be made in North America, Puebla to be more precise... Link from the vortex page :
  5. Vwfreak1

    New Beetle TDI

    Even the TDI gets a integrated boost gauge...
  6. Vwfreak1

    Ebay does it again...

    Was browsing mk6 items on Ebay for fun and came upon this picture of one of the members on here...