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  1. kevinkar

    Has anyone added aftermarket driving/fog lights?

    Someone here did have a thread on adding them but I don't recall who or when. I think they did a good job with the prototype. I'd like them too. There are plenty of high powered LED lights that I see on trucks and Jeeps etc. you'd think would be easy to mount somewhere. Be nice if Humble...
  2. kevinkar

    Clutch Slipping At 13K Miles

    If the previous driver slipped the clutch too much and generated hot spots on the flywheel then you'll always get some funkiness in shifting, even after changing the clutch. Hot spots many times don't go away after resurfacing the flywheel either so, after changing the clutch and driving...
  3. kevinkar

    Coolant loss after water pump & thermostat replacement?

    That's pretty freaking low and would indicate to me there's a leak. Time to get some dye into the system and check. Or have another pressure test done. I've also had radiators and the coolant systems serviced in my past cars and plenty of times the mechanics failed to "burp" the system and...
  4. kevinkar

    Reset headlights/DRLs to default

    Doesn't OBD11 show you the changes you've made? Just undo what you did? Like "change bit X from 00 to 01"..... change it back.
  5. kevinkar

    Do I Buy A DSG??

    It doesn't matter what you buy. Which transmission suits your driving style, commute pattern (lots of stop and go or some good constant non-stop movement), and how do you drive now - can't get enough shifting or just want to press the gas and brake? Whatever meets your current requirements is...
  6. kevinkar

    2018 R DSG slipping out of gear?!

    I've checked after the instances and found no codes.
  7. kevinkar

    Micro SD card recommendation?

    No SD card is 100% foolproof and they are all prone to corruption. I've had several go bad over the years but, since they are relatively cheap these days, I just toss the old one, get a new one, transfer the data to it and move on. Just get a name brand like Kingston, SanDisk, Samsung, and get...
  8. kevinkar

    2018 R DSG slipping out of gear?!

    I don't think anyone should expect a transmission to let go like this ever even if you just started the car. Only thing that I've ever let warm up is an old car with a choke or a diesel with glow plugs that take 5 seconds or so to heat up. Otherwise every modern car should be expected to be a...
  9. kevinkar

    2018 R DSG slipping out of gear?!

    I have posted about this on my 18R as well. It's not a slip out and stay thing rather it pops out and back in and sounds like the drive train is exploding. The loud bang is likely it slamming back into gear since my foot is on the accelerator pedal and is an awful lot like dumping the clutch...
  10. kevinkar

    Stupid Brake pad question..

    My opinion is you should not "flip" pads inside/outside at all since, if you've gone to the trouble to remove the calipers and pads to flip them you might as well replace them. Reusing used parts is not a good idea insofar as personal safety is concerned. Sounds like yours are worn enough to...
  11. kevinkar

    2015 Golf R - Strange start issues - Any suggestions?

    Yep, mine does not do this! I don't drive like a maniac but do goose it now and then but I have never experienced this behavior from my '18 R.
  12. kevinkar

    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    An offer to re-up Sirius/XM. However, it came from the dealer from where I bought the car and not Sirius since Sirius has actually been very good about taking me off their "Try to get back into the fold" mail list which actually surprises me a bit. Not only was canceling the service totally...
  13. kevinkar

    2015 Golf R - Strange start issues - Any suggestions?

    Worth checking out but it will help to know what "drive aggressively (even for a few minutes)" means. If you could provide a "script" maybe we can try and recreate it with our cars and at least say "Yeah, it happens to me" or "Nope, don't see it..." "High RPMs, Race Mode, etc." doesn't quite...
  14. kevinkar

    DSG throttle position question

    I think it definitely depends on how aggressively you press the pedal down. If you are at a low to moderate RPM but a higher gear and mash it, the switch definitely engages and does whatever it does which includes dropping down gears and raising RPMs. But if you press the pedal down firmly and...
  15. kevinkar

    Passenger side buzzing/vibration at 1100-1500 RPM

    Aren't there some threads regarding a loose fuel line on that side of the car that might need a rubber bumper to get it to stop rattling against the firewall or something?
  16. kevinkar

    AC compressor replacement cost?

    First thing to try is a recharge and leak check. A compressor can be fine but won't do anything if there's no refrigerant in the system. A recharge is cheap. Might need to add dye to the system to see if a leak can be detected. Interesting that an independent shop is giving you high numbers...
  17. kevinkar

    Any guesses on the extent of this body damage?

    Wait, you didn't already make your wife buy the car from you??? I'm guessing $2250.
  18. kevinkar

    Burble Tune Worth It?

    I got a Magnaflow cat-back system on both my '95 Camaro and '05 Corvette and they both sounded really good with a low burble when lifting off the throttle but nothing like today's ridiculous cracks and pops and constant noise. It seems today's trend is towards the annoying rather than the...
  19. kevinkar

    C8 or 2022 Golf R?

    I daily drove my 2005 C6 for about 5 years and it was fine for that. Can't imagine the C8 being much different. Only reason I got my R was that I was soon going to commute for a few hours every day and decided I didn't want to clutch in L.A. traffic all the time and wanted an auto/PDK/DSG...
  20. kevinkar


    Doesn't Pro allow long coding over the standard? That right there is very valuable since I think in the standard you can only use apps to make changes? Not really sure. I bought the Pro version.