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    2016 MK7 R - BUILD THREAD

    Hey guys, back on this forum after ages. I’ve just completed 3 years with the MK7R and decided it’s time to MOD. Will keep this thread updated on the progress. 25 August 2018: LAPIZ BLUE GOLF MK7 R (MY2016) DCC MIB-2 (without Apple play activated) Cadiz 19” wheels MICHELIN PS4S Sent from...
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    Blank screen on 2016 mk7r

    So while I love the drive on the R, seems like the infotainment system is quite flaky. I've had 2 issues so far, anyone else having the same problem? 1) this afternoon I switched on the car and noticed the screen was blank. It was just black like the car was switched off but the radio, phone...
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    App connect not working in Middle East!!!!

    So I have not been able to connect using app connect since yesterday, all I got was the attached which said I need to contact dealer for activation code. After contacting the dealer I got a response today stating that the app connect feature is currently not available in the Middle East and will...
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    First look at the MIB II Infotainment system

    Bitter sweet feeling while posting this, it's a review of the MIB II infotainment on the golf R. All the MY 2016 were supposed to have this but us Dubai lot have gotten shafted by Naboodah as we still get the older version in the 2016 golfs!!!!
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    Window tints

    Hi guys, am researching window tints essentially looking at a very very light tint (20%) preferably slightly metallic the only brand I have seen that offers this is currently nanolux. Does anyone know where I can get a nanolux tint or any other company with a product similar to what I am looking...
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    MK7 GTI/R pics and videos

    Hello fellow middle-easterners, since I'm pretty sure I've read every review and seen every pic/video of the mk7 GTI/R i thought it would be cool if we had a thread for pics and videos of cars in region. Hopefully it will catch on, happy posting!!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2016 golf R, gti specs for UAE released

    If you were like me waiting for the mib2 infotainment system on the MY 2016 models of the golf R and GTI, sorry to say that there are no changes from the MY15 to MY16. Apparently the first lot of MY16 models are already here. Still hope that my sales rep is wrong, cause the Canadians are...
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    Question regarding the screen size MY15 R

    Hi, Anyone with a MY15 R wanted to clarify if you have an SE (base) model does it come with a 5" screen or a 5.8" screen. Based on google other than the screen size the only other difference is the intuitive touch, can someone verify this pls. Thanks!!!!
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    New Golf R - ordered

    Hi All, Since i have been spending literally half of my time on forums and reading reviews. I though i will drop a quick note here, i've ordered mine from Naboodah at SZR yesterday Golf R SE 2016, Lapiz Blue with 19" Cadiz wheels, sunroof and DCC. Expected delivery time is June/July because of...