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  1. GTI Jake

    Brake System Repair 101

    I’ve had some brake jobs on my fleet lately so I figured I’d put some useful information out there. In a world of “REMOVE & REPLACE” there’s less and less actual repairs done. Here’s a few you can DIY when issues occur. I’ll update this as more of these kind of jobs come up, feel free to add...
  2. GTI Jake

    2021 GLI wheels w/tires

    2021 GLI Autobahn OEM wheels up for grabs. Removed at 10k miles, two are flawless, one has a screw in the tread, one has curb rash. These are sold as pictured, with center caps & VW valve stem caps included. Damage and tread depth shown in photos, these will be offered individually and I will...
  3. GTI Jake

    Keep an eye out! WTB Mk7 OEM part out

    As the title states I’m searching for a complete part out or junkyard mk7/7.5 with a undamaged FRONT Bumper rebar aka crash bar. Seems like most of these cars get hit in the front, so I’m having trouble locating one. It’s not for my car, it’s for development to help push the platform and help...
  4. GTI Jake

    Misfire Troubleshooting tips (video inside)

    Nothing wrong with my car, just figured it would be a better back drop than me just talking to the camera. Video explains the basic step of how to actually troubleshoot rather than throwing parts at your car aimlessly. I’d be happy to to Q&A below, and if you subscribe I absolutely appreciate it!
  5. GTI Jake

    WTB: Passat R line or Mk7 GLI DSG

    Looking to add a new to us daily to our fleet for the wife, Required -Black leatherette interior -2018-2019 for Passat -2020-2021 for GLI -under 40k miles unless you have proof the DSG service has been accomplished Preference: -White or gray exterior -DSG if it’s a GLI -One owner
  6. GTI Jake

    My new dream car (obtainable-ish)

    Bored between gate calls at my aviation job I stumbled across the Ultima GTR, which lead me to the current Ultima Evo (modern kit super car, LS powered). Figured some of you guys might get a kick out of this, and with the base price coming in around $120,000USD it may actually be a possibility...
  7. GTI Jake

    Top 10 Mk7 Mods

    It’s been asked for to compliment the Mods You’re Wasting Your Money On thread, link here: For those of you who hate YouTube for whatever reason here’s the cheat sheet to the homework, you’re welcome...
  8. GTI Jake

    CHEAP: BFI DIY Transmission Mount

    Stumbled across these OEM mounts on clearance from FCP $36 brand new + lifetime warranty = WIN. EDIT: the FCP Euro linked OEM mount sold out, but it’s still a great reference to see exactly what style OEM mount is needed (silver rivets)...
  9. GTI Jake

    Back of the Dragon (VA) Dec. 3 2020

    As the title states a group of us are planning to visit VA Rt16 between Marion & Tazewell, VA I’ll be organizing the group coming from the South, but anyone is invited to join us along the way or at BotD. All we ask is that everyone drive within their personal limits and leave the area as...
  10. GTI Jake

    FS: Baun Performance Resonated Midpipe (APR, MF, Borla)

    Not mine, listing for a customer (I’ll add his contact information at the bottom). This 304 stainless 3” midpipe features the Vibrant 17950 resonator. Built specifically for a APR TBE this Midpipe is 34.25” long, but trimmed down it can fit most aftermarket downpipes as well as Magnaflow and...
  11. GTI Jake

    DF Goblin Kit Car

    I started following the owner of one of these on IG and lately started talking about project cars with the guys at work. 1,600lbs & 260hp (depending on the donor) based on any model/trim of the Cobalt I haven’t mentioned it to the wife (lol), but I’m really torn...
  12. GTI Jake

    TCR Race Cars FS

    Interesting read, even if they’re way out of reach. Biggest take away was that the OEM DSG was such a big disadvantage contrary to what all DSG owners will tell you (don’t hurt me, this is all in good fun lol)
  13. GTI Jake

    IT help/recommendations thread

    I’m not the most technical guy when it comes to computer/internet networking kinda stuff so I’m looking for ideas from those of you who are well rounded in that field. Issue: I built my shop roughly 200ft from my house and would like to have wifi out there. The building isn’t on Google earth...
  14. GTI Jake

    Used Baun Performance FMIC (TX)

    Posting this for a buddy in Texas who’s not on these forums, only the FB Mk7 pages. I’ll post his contact info below. $650 local pickup or buyer pays shipping. Located in College Station, TX For reference these are $800 shipped new as of September 4, 2020 as Vibrant has increased their prices...
  15. GTI Jake

    QuickJack 5000SLX

    SOLD Full listing in CL Ad, price is $675
  16. GTI Jake

    The o2 Spacer Thread

    Nobody’s going to guarantee no CEL, even AWE doesn’t after one year if you read the fine print. A cat is a wear item and while they can last a very long time, abuse can also lead to them degrading faster than you’d expect so this is no fault of AWE or any other manufacturer. Bottom line is wear...
  17. GTI Jake

    Question/advice etiquette

    Several of us enjoy helping fellow forum members, but I feel like a lot of time gets wasted and in turn unnecessary arguments get started do to lack of etiquette in the original post. So in an effort to help both the person needing advice & the people helping here’s a little friendly advice on...
  18. GTI Jake

    Baun Performance V2 GESI EPA (used)

    Very lightly used V2 GESI EPA Approved downpipe up for grabs. SOLD SOLD SOLD shipped with your choice of outlet size (3”, GTI OEM 2.5, or 1.8Tsi 2.38”). The option of adding a Resonated Midpipe with no additional shipping is there as well
  19. GTI Jake

    The ultimate Mk7 cooling solution!

    I’m working on turning an idea into reality here and will update this thread regularly. I will NOT be building nor selling these, just simply putting the tools needed into another shops hands to create a solution for our platform and nip the cooling issues suffered from track abuse in the butt...
  20. GTI Jake

    Don’t throw your OEM intercooler & radiator away

    I’d post this in the private sales section, but it would probably get three views before ending up 27 pages back so here we go. There’s literally zero market for stock GTI intercooler and radiator, so I’m assuming most people who upgrade throw the originals away. With that said I’ve got an idea...