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    Intercooler install question.

    Same, but I had the Ebay Majesty cooler which needed grinding / filing to fit properly. That was 2 hours of dickfiddle right there. A lot of people oversell their skill level - i.e., they lie about it.
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    Wastegate Actuator Adjustment

    And even that, apparently isn't enough sometimes...
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    Wastegate Actuator Adjustment

    I have an upgraded autotech hpfp.
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    Wastegate Actuator Adjustment

    I've got to give this a try. I get fairly consistent overboost code on my fcp IS38. It happens mostly when really punching it in 3rd or 4th. Basically, at any point when it happens, I could simultaneously be given a bunch of tickets. The voltage was on the low side, about 3.3x right out of the...
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    Selling a modded car to carvana/vroom/etc

    19k was the pre-tax price for my 17 sport with 36k miles 3 years ago. So, yea...
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    Clutchless ignition update: solved (maybe)

    It seems you're right. I'll see about redoing that. I don't visit the forum much these days, I'm only here now looking into possible reasons I'm getting overboost code / limp mode on my e48 IS38 swap. For the record, the clutch less ignition mod is coming up on two years since install. Still...
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    Any guesses on the extent of this body damage?

    The better pdr guys are wizards. It's black magic I tells ya.
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    Any guesses on the extent of this body damage?

    I'm just about ready to try my hand at at this kind of repair for the first time. I had my motorcycle up on a jack while servicing the forks. Pulled the car in next to it for the night. Overnight, the bike slipped off the jack and I found it laying against the car. Put a nice dent in the...
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    IS38 Upgrade Issues

    I get an EPC and limp mode on my E48 sneeky IS38 tune every great once in a while - IIRC it's the overboost code. It seems limited to when traction control is off and i punch it really hard when the tires have a chance to spin because of lack of grip. A good example is the tight right hand...
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    MK7 Confessions

    This is the right answer, and what I did.
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    Turbo flutter mid boost?

    My IS20 used to make the true "tu tu tu" flutter sounds when coming off throttle. I can't remember exactly but I think it only did it with Untitronic Stage 1. Stage 2 and Cobb tune for E30 and now IS38 only made the noises that OP describes, the quieter "pshh pshh" noises when getting on the...
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    What are you guys paying for insurance?

    I'm in the lowest cost group, in the highest cost city. Before the car was paid off, it was - I think, $120 per month. As soon as I no longer had to provide full coverage, I dumped it and now it's like half that. My 140hp motorcycle is $4 a month.
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    Jason Cammisa MK8 Hagerty review... OUCH

    I'd much rather take an MK7 and just add / change whatever it needs to make it on par with the MK8 mechanically/performance wise. What does it even need besides a suspension update and a mild tune?
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    What's my 2018 GTI SE 6MT PP w/ 24K miles worth?

    I've thought about reverting my 17 sport back to stock turbo and tune and selling it - and just wait on the supply chain problems to fully resolve, which could take 2 years and buy something better at that time - like maybe the Mk8 golf R or finally go EV. I've got other ways to get around...
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    Burble Tune Worth It?

    I can't stand them, personally. In a 4 cyl car it always sounds like a paper tiger. "Look! I'm thoo powerful! Like theriouthly guyyyth!" Interestingly, I changed up the tune on my motorcycle, and that has some MEAN sounding overrun pops - but those I don't notice much because of the wind...
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    MK7 Confessions

    I also wasted about that much on the same thing because I was in a hurry to start fucking around and it wasn't until after I learned about accessport. I have x-threaded and had to either helicoil or otherwise fix the following holes: rear trailing arm, exhaust hanger, ignition coil hold down...
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    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    Is your rig all G2G? I still need the full experience one of these days.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    How did you end up between them?
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    Clutchless ignition update: solved (maybe)

    The file itself is attached to the first post.