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    7.5 Euro tail lights to 7.5 NAR How to do with OBDeleven?

    Hello, I am trying to change my 7.5 NAR tail lights to 7.5 Euro tail lights, but just wanted to make sure I can go back. In OBDeleven, there are Standard and GTI related to DAP which I will use it for harness and tail lights. If I want to go back to 7.5 NAR, can I just put the 7.5 NAR tail...
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    Mk7.5 Euro tail lights - is it okay to have?

    Hello all, Hope you have a nice weekend! I am considering getting mk7.5 Euro tail lights to my 2019 GTI, but wanted to make sure before going forward as I do not want to put it on/off time to time due to some legal or inspection issues. Is it legal or okay to put the tail light in PA or in...
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    How to reset MK7.5 GTI Third Brake Light Flashing at braking

    Hello, Today while I was trying to get the state inspection done, I realized that my GTI's thrid brake light is flashing at an initial brake attempt - it doesn't flash after that within in 10s. Does anyone know how to go back to this feature to the original factory setting using OBDeleven? I...
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    APR1 plus warranty question: CPO, coolant

    Anyone knows does APR also cover CPO warranty under their warranty protection? Also I was wondering if coolant leak happens, should I go to dealership or to APR to cover it under waranty?
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    If I buy a used car from dealership but I have to do title, tag, license work

    Update: they did the job through 3rd party compnay; they said it could take longer than doing it for myself. Hope the entire processes are done asap. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am in PA and trying to buy a used car from an out of state...
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    Used 2018 Autobhan vs CPO 2019 SE w/ experience package

    Hi, this is my first post here. I am looking for a used GTI and will own it at least 5-6 years. I have two options for now with same price: used 2018 Autobahn or CPO 2019 SE with Experience package. 2018 one has 7,000 miles and 2019 one has 14,000 miles. So it is like more options from...