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    WTB Rear Sway Bar (MK7 GTI)

    Im selling one click on link above for details
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    WTB Rear Sway Bar (MK7 GTI)
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    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    Ordered front koni special active struts on sale at ECS. Wallet/ wife only allows the front at this time. Running stock springs on a gti 6mt W Eurosport front strut tower( love it - point n plant) and CSS RSB. HOPing for some improved cornering and connectivity.
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    WTB- R SPRINGS. to fit M7

    I meant MK7, not M7 black Friday sales should free up a set, as people upgrade to coilovers And have OEM springs sitting around collecting dust. Im just sayin
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    Excellent condition Brackets and bushings look great 85USD shipped to CUS
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    WTB- R SPRINGS. to fit M7

    I was thinking, If u like yours so much, maybe it is the right choice. ???
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    CSS SPRINGS What is part number or ID?

    i have 2016 GTI 6MT. Looking for slightly stiffer springs, which I think came on the Clubsport S - Front spring rates 219 vs 175 for R. I think they are the same springs that came on the Golf R .but there are several versions/parts numbers ie. ^MT or DSG as the weight of car is different, and...
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    WTB- R SPRINGS. to fit M7

    Oh I see I did not know this Thank u Great info to know I will continue my hunt for MT R SPRINGS now. Thnx again Enjoy the ride……
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    I have a Mk 7 GTI thnx Mike
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    WTB- R SPRINGS. to fit M7

    No thank you I am looking for SRINGS taken off of an “R” MODEL
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    Suspension TORQUE SPECS please

    Thank you Mike
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    Suspension TORQUE SPECS please

    Front ball joints and Strut tower top bolts thank you Mike
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    WTB- R SPRINGS. to fit M7

    Thanks, mike
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    Suspension TORQUE SPECS please

    Doing some suspension work and want to Torque everything thing back to spec. Thanks much Mike
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    Suspension suggestions please

    For 500$ i went with EC rear strut brace when it goes on sale, ECS front strut bar, and VW rear CS RSB - 22.6 mm x 3.6, i have 20 mm now i think Santa is coming so front collars to follow ecs ok?? how long to i nstall?? also, for 60$i can add ECS rear LCA bush rear position vs the...
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    Pm sent
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    Suspension suggestions please

    Oops, didn’t see the ST 25 mm reference Thnx