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    WTB: Stock muffler for a mk7 golf R - Denver area

    doubt I would part with mine but curious what you have on yours now? What yr is yours as well cause mk7 and mk7.5 R exhaust are slightly different
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    EQT Vortex - MQB Turbo

    interesting. You think I’m just running out of turbo with a std vortex? So if say I was running a full frame it would be different? If I’m not gaining any whp is the case seems no real advantage of E85 vs E40 with my set up other than the ease of a single fill with E85 only. Not much effort on...
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    EQT Vortex - MQB Turbo

    After a year+ of running a Vortex Std on the stock DI I caved with the Boost sale going on and PR Black Friday deals and picked up a Euro Manifold+5bar TMAP+ 3 new tunes from EQT and 925cc kit and lines from PR. I'm doing a 91 pump tune, E40 daily/moderate tune, and fairly aggressive E85 tune...
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    EQT Vortex - MQB Turbo

    ^^This. My path was a little different, in that, I never thought I would get as deep on this platform as I have. I was going to be out of this car ('16 Golf R) by now and into an M2 but the used market is just so insane I'm sticking with my R for the next couple of years. 2.5+ yrs ago when I...
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    New to me golf r - Conifer, CO area

    Nice R! Crazy another LSG R so close. I’m in Ken Caryl Valley just below you. There are 2 other LSG Rs within about 1/4 mile of where I live. This pic is taken right below Lockheed at Deer Creek. Anyway hope you enjoy it. They are great cars and tough to hold back on modding. I never intended to...
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    I'm on a Road Trip and Need Shop Recommendations in Several Cities

    Denver...Hardey's Motorwerks is my go to. Honest, reasonable $ wise and been in the Audi/VW game for many years. They are a bit south of Denver (Parker), so for a shop near the city I would point you to...
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    Stg2 boost at redline

    Yup, understand that as well :) I was providing my one data point since that was the ask. Some tuners go higher on boost, less timing or vice versa, etc 29psi does sounds pretty aggressive on an IS38. Which tuner was that curiously?
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    Stg2 boost at redline

    Understood but he was asking specifically about boost levels on Stage 2 IS38.
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    Stg2 boost at redline

    Pretty sure Jim is Stage 3 since he has TPC20 on his car. When I was stage 2 (E40 EQT e-tune) on stock IS38 I peaked @ 26psi. Now on Vortex standard and peak at 30-31psi (also EQT tuned) on E30 (no MPI..stock DI)
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    FS: Racingline Oil Cooler Kit

    PM sent
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    Loud Pop Noise Agggressive Driving

    Hey All, Trying to figure out a noise I'm getting from what seems to be the front suspension during aggressive driving on my Golf R. It seemed to be only happening through turns when driving aggressively, but yesterday I was on the brakes hard and hit a very small pothole and the loud pop...
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    MK7 Confessions

    $ pains on NOT doing an alignment here. I knew better but lagged and paid for it.....Upgraded to Superpro LCAs & Deadset, figured I would wait until I got my PSS10s in before doing it....well 700+ miles later when I did install PSS10s the fronts were corded on inside. Only 7k+ miles on those...
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    Mk7 Exhaust Tech. How to get the sound you want.

    Unfortunately, yes there is a touch of drone. It's not horrible but it's there for sure cruising 3k neighborhood. As you are porbably aware most of the feedback on the BCS Res delete is over on since most of their sales is in the Europe market (being a UK based co). For people that...
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    Mk7 Exhaust Tech. How to get the sound you want.

    Here ya go. Hope this helps somewhat. sorry it took so long but been crazy busy with work. Corralled my 12yo daughter to do the launch and fly by video. Both are crap quality, rushed, and honestly don't really do it justice, but at the end of the day only can do so much to make a 4 banger sound...
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    Mk7 Exhaust Tech. How to get the sound you want.

    Lots of bikes but lots of custom car exhausts. He was doing up an R8 first time I was in there and had a Gallardo in there when I went back in the next time. Does lots of Audi's I believe
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    Mk7 Exhaust Tech. How to get the sound you want.

    They did change routing as best they could. Nick at 485 tucked it up as much as possible on right side of driveshaft. He used what he could of the IE DP midpipe and then had to custom fab from 17950 to BCS res delete
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    Mk7 Exhaust Tech. How to get the sound you want.

    Sorry I will try and grab one. Need to find the time to try and do a drive by vid clip. My work has been nuts but I'll try to get to it sometime over next week or so
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    Mk7 Exhaust Tech. How to get the sound you want.

    Jake have you installed a 17950 on an R? Not sure if you are referring to the shop that did my work, but as far as I can tell 485 designs couldn't have mounted it up much tighter
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    2016 Golf R, Blue, DSG, Stage 3 with Built Motor + Extras

    Sweet build! Who built the motor curiously?