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  1. Boje

    FS - various OEM side mirror parts

    Replied to your PM – I'd rather sell the mirror assemblies as sets I think, but it's all still available
  2. Boje

    Locked out and keyless entry

    Apologies for bringing this thread back to life for a moment but I thought I'd leave this here for anyone whose car behaves like my 2015 GTI did and who looks this up in the future: Central Lock Trunk Delay activation: keeps your trunk lock open for another 20-30 seconds after you close it to...
  3. Boje

    Looking for VCP / TJA enable in Northeast (NYC)

    Does anyone in the Northeast have VCP and experience enabling Traffic Jam Assist and a willingness to help me do it to my car? Ideally in the NYC area. Looking to do this on a 2018 Golf R 🍻
  4. Boje

    Side mirror compatibility: Highline & Golf R

    If you want to save some cash and are looking to replace with the standard, non-power folding mirrors, I have various parts (more than you'll need) for sale in the classifieds, pretty much all OEM unless noted: Mirror housing, caps, etc...
  5. Boje

    2017 GTI - CarPlay audio not working intermittently

    I have the same occasional issue in my 2018 R, although I'm using a wireless carplay adapter. It happens to me quite rarely, but it's frustrating. I think it happens when the car thinks there is audio already coming out of the phone at the moment it connects to carplay. I think this because I...
  6. Boje

    SOLD - Stock GTI downpipe (Brooklyn, NY)

    Yeah I probably will. I partly listed it thinking someone else might know where they can get more for it, I know people have gotten upwards of $750 for these recently
  7. Boje

    FS - aspherical mirrors, un-tinted, non-DAP

    Brand new, never used. I think these are not OEM? But honestly I'm not entirely sure. Heated and un-tinted, and without the DAP light. $60 local pickup in Brooklyn, NY, or buyer pays shipping and Paypal fee.
  8. Boje

    SOLD - blue-tint non-DAP aspherical mirrors

    Heated and tinted. Brand new, never used, will be in the packaging they came in. I had these as a spare set for my old GTI but the new car has DAP, otherwise I'd be using these. Loved them – the identical set I had on the car were brilliant. $60 local pickup in Brooklyn, NY, or buyer pays...
  9. Boje

    FS - all 5 leather NAR GTI headrests

    All 5 headrests from a NAR 2015 GTI Autobahn. Leather with red stitching. I'll clean them before selling, but they're in good condition. One of the rears has a little dent from being stored under one of the others, I think it'll probably come out after a few days (see second pic). $185 picked up...
  10. Boje

    FS - various OEM side mirror parts

    Various OEM mirror parts for sale. Prices are for local pickup in Brooklyn, NY. I'm happy to ship if buyer pays shipping costs and Paypal fee. Genuine VW gloss black mirror caps. Came with a 2018 Golf R. Never taken out of the packaging. $165. Genuine VW white mirror caps. Came on OEM power...
  11. Boje

    SOLD - Stock GTI downpipe (Brooklyn, NY)

    I have a used (~50k miles) stock downpipe off a 2015 GTI. I've been offered $575 from a local place for just the two cats, but if someone local needs one of these and is willing to pay anywhere close to that, I'd be happy to pass it on to a forum member. Not willing to ship this. Located in...
  12. Boje

    little to no boost when car is cold?

    That’s a helluva commute
  13. Boje

    New APR Intake System for Only $189.95!

    My 2018 R had it blocked off like the GTI
  14. Boje

    New APR Intake System for Only $189.95!

    Nice! Looks like it should. Thanks.
  15. Boje

    New APR Intake System for Only $189.95!

    You make a good point. I guess I'd go for grey then.
  16. Boje

    New APR Intake System for Only $189.95!

    Ah okay I didn't realize it came from the oil. Seems companies like K&N offer the oil in all kinds of different colors, including black, so I guess I could clean and re-oil the filter as soon as I got it, to dye it black instead. Unfortunately the K&N black oil is out of stock in most places but...
  17. Boje

    New APR Intake System for Only $189.95!

    Any chance you'd offer this with a black, grey, or blue filter, @Arin@APR...? I drive an R and while I don't care that much what the bay looks like, this huge red filter would be the only red thing on the entire car. I'd love a black or grey one to keep it looking a bit less aftermarket
  18. Boje

    Bilstein B6 suspension & chasis rebuild

    I also run the B6 Damptronics on my R and absolutely love them. I kind of went the other way – I used to use Comfort or Normal all the time, very rarely Sport, but now I find the dampening is so nice, I have it in Sport most of the time (even on NYC's terrible roads), unless I have passengers...
  19. Boje

    New to DSG. Halp!

    Yeah, I've also tuned the DSG, with EQT's tune, since starting this thread and it has made both D and S a pleasure to use. I had only driven in manual mode for the first 5500 miles in this car as I felt the auto modes were frustrating and weird. This helps massively, and S mode now feels...