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    Need help ASAP Oil filter

    Additional info, the Mann filter I use for a 2017 GTI Sport w/PP is a HU6013z and has a 52.5mm OD, 24mm ID and is 112.7mm tall and comes with a housing o-ring.
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    Need help ASAP Oil filter

    Oreilly Auto has the MicroGard MSL10396, MGL10396, the Wix WL10024, and the Wix WL10396 listed for the 2016 GTI S, probably the same for all the models. The 10396 filters list price is higher so I would assume a better filter?
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Mine has a small rubber bumper.
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    proper oil level - on dipstick

    When you checked the oil level had the car been driven where the normal oil temperature was achieved? If you did and this was the level on the dip stick then I would add enough to bring it up to mid-way on the dip stick. My 17 GTI takes 5.7 liters and t dip stick shows at mid-way when cold thus...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Check everything that the dealer was supposed to do before you leave the dealership. Ask for proof that it was done, not just a piece of paper saying it was done.
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    Suicide or light wheel hack?

    Because that is what people do when they do something stupid and then it fails and they get injured, they find somebody to sue. Why would you even think that is remotely possible? As you said, you do not know the alloy used or the design calculations for the wheel or the safety factor, but go...
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    Suicide or light wheel hack?

    Sorry but this is about the stupidest idea I have ever heard of. Are you a wheel designer? If not I would leave it alone or if you do it and when the wheels fail and cause you to be injured then only blame yourself and don't try to sue VW!
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    Hatch latching, but not locking

    I would assume that the car has the keyless entry and push button start, so as long as you have the key fob on you then the hatch will open even though you have pressed the lock symbol of the key fob. My 17 GTI Sport will open the hatch even if I have locked it as long as I have the fob and when...
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    Brake change first-timer advice

    Besides look at, Performance Drilled & Slotted Brake Rotors (, should go to a selection for the Golf R.
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    Best way to go about changing a clutch in VW MK7 1.4TSI BMT?

    You might try contacting this person: He has done a lot of youtube videos doing clutch replacement in the UK. The videos indicate that he is out of Essex. Phone number given is 07376369067. Maybe he can give an estimate and he can get all the parts. Good Luck!
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    Coil pack?

    Go to this website: 06L905110H - Direct Ignition Coil. IGNIT. COIL - Genuine Volkswagen Part ( and input you car data. Can do for the other part number also to confirm which is the correct fitment
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    If you were buying again DSG or MT

    Same here. DSG may be great but it has no soul.
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    It seems that maybe the voltage went low when the car was started as two of these are the same errors I get when I disconnect the battery. How old is the battery in the car?
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    For sale: VW/Audi p/n 8S0-615-121-A brake pad wear sensor. Received with my Audi TTS brake kit for a 2017 GTI Sport. Can't use as Sport does not have wiring for this. May fit other VW/Audi models with this brake set up, please check. $45.00 shipped to CONUS only, payment via Paypal Friends &...
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    What’s this sensor, what am I missing?

    The cover for your tow hook is missing.
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    '17 GTI with 27k mi. Going to be nomadic/road tripping for next 6 months: Things to check/fix under warranty before I leave?

    Only if they opened the bleeder on the bleeder block which is under the air intake. Would need to ask the dealer or the shop that performed the service.
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    How would you handle this situation?

    first, put a dispute on the credit card you used to purchase these suspension pieces so that the cost is removed. Then, unless you just have to have these suspension parts I would go with another quality manufacturer that could deliver quickly. Finally get a return authorization number from the...
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    To DSG or not to DSG…?

    To each his own, I like a manual and always have, only one auto in over 50 years of driving. A manual to me is more engaging and never thought it a pain in traffic, but then I rode motorcycles in city traffic not a car for the most part. Each person has to make up their own mind and live with it.