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    LED Headlight and tail light update recommendations needed!

    Yes, I tried, bought, but quality not as Ed, and and up with return. May be you have luck.
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    Floor liner

    I wondering if somebody used Westin custom fit floor liner for MK7. If so, how it's fit, any review?
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    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    Can you send link, please, where did you order.
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    Wiring additional Fog light.

    Wow, it exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks so much.
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    Wiring additional Fog light.

    I agree, but from where take power for this added fuse?
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    Wiring additional Fog light.

    In my place really often heavy fog and when it come with drizzling, bad driving vision. I want to install additional pair of Fog Light, with separate switch and own relay, for use it occasionally, when bad road condition. 2015 Golf Sportwagen TDi SE. Any advice, where I can connect power wire...
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    MK7 to MK7.5 headlights

    I talked with Ed ( about the interchangeability of MK7 and MK7.5, he said that they are interchangeable, the mount is the same, they differ cosmetically. You can trust him, he has sold hundreds of headlights.
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    MK7 to MK7.5 headlights

    There is my order $771CA with delivery. My long search end up with this one., is out of business, not sale any more, he sent me his supplier on Alibaba, good headlight price $470...
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    MK7 to MK7.5 headlights

    Check on I just bought my LED projector for MK7 with halogen, but saw package for MK7.5 with xenon
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    TDi, 2 micron filter

    I'm in process of modification on 2015 Golf Sportwagen TDi, about switch OEM fuel filter to 2 micron filter. But silly questions, there is 3 line going to filter, which one flow going IN to filter, and which one OUT? And where they are going to? On my MK4 TDi, is 4 fuel line connected to...