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  1. scrllock

    cobb ots log. Can someone give opinions on this cylinder 2 knock?

    Looks normal for pump gas, especially in winter.
  2. scrllock

    Consolidated Macan Brembo upgrade thread (READ FIRST POST)

    My bad, thought you said calipers. Check hat offset before you buy any, bolt pattern and rotor size isn't enough to be sure.
  3. scrllock

    '19 R AWE Tuning Track Exhaust for sale $900, WI USA

    Doesn't actually seem to be for sale
  4. scrllock

    Simos Tools - New Phone Datalogging App

    Finally stopped being lazy, this is fantastic for UM mode 22 logging. Easily twice as fast as the ecutek dongle I was using, with far more parameters logged.
  5. scrllock

    2019 Golf R, Spektrum Viper Green 1 of 33 for SALE

    Any idea if the Oettinger kit was a "factory option" or purely a dealer add-on? If it came with an Akrapovic too, I could see it pulling that price, especially if the factory did the paint work on the body kit.
  6. scrllock

    I'm on a Road Trip and Need Shop Recommendations in Several Cities

    Are you just coming up on some maintenance intervals? Surely you could get the "big" stuff like haldex/dsg service done in a single visit with an oil change or whatever. I had a good experience with Bluewater while on a big road trip, they're right next to a DIY bay rental spot too, which can...
  7. scrllock

    DP: MAP vs. Cobb (or others?)

    GESI has become a bit synonymous with their EPA cats, which are much more likely to pass emissions. I *think* MAP's gesi cat is a high output epa cat, but good to check. GESI also offers an off road cat for much less which you might see floating around (so the MAP "race" cat might still be a...
  8. scrllock

    That Powerflex insert...

    034 has a reputation for really, really bad durability, especially on the density line stuff. Going to the full mounts from just the BFI insert added a distinct rumble to the car, especially at idle in D. With the raised idle in S it's not as noticeable. All gets exaggerated in cold weather.
  9. scrllock

    Indium Gray Metallic Money Pit Mk7.5R

    24Ah in an H5 case. Bought it in May.
  10. scrllock

    Indium Gray Metallic Money Pit Mk7.5R

    Slowly winterizing. Waiting on a new hose and clamp for the PCV, old hose is on there good and don't like re-using a 50 cent clamp. The Antigravity does *not* like sub-40F weather, even left on a tender. Car acted like the battery is resetting on start-up, get sudden and intermittent messages...
  11. scrllock

    A2B RS3 retro pump no longer avail.?... alternative options LPFP for GTi...a2b protec brushless or eqt brushless

    I'm sure the RS3 controller can push that on the EQT dyno ;) (I wouldn't suggest anyone buy the silver controller). If the markup is for something like the protec or torqbyte controller then, wow, nice. The setup I'm trying: 4M0906093N - 8v RS3 controller ("black" brushless controller)...
  12. scrllock

    RS3 Swapped Golf R Project. IMS 1100

    Cool! Didn't know there was a factory MPI VR6 option.
  13. scrllock

    Gti Full Suspension Build - Looking for Advice

    Yeah might as well skip the 1-ways and go straight to 3-ways with remote reservoirs, car is totally undriveable with anything less than $6k coils. You left yourself logged into your alt account, BTW.
  14. scrllock

    Gti Full Suspension Build - Looking for Advice

    On stock power it's perfectly fine. If you're adding a ton of torque and launching regularly at high RPM, they do fatigue and fail, but it's not a common issue. CSS knuckles and R ride height puts the car at -2 with nothing else done. The combo of knuckles, verkline arms, camber plates, and a...
  15. scrllock

    RS3 Swapped Golf R Project. IMS 1100

    It's much newer and has direct injection without MPI (afaik?) so adding power past a point is easier even on the ea888. Of course it's all possible with enough time and money, but if you just want 3.6L of displacement, you can do that with a 3.2 block (which are dirt cheap, the main draw).
  16. scrllock

    Wortec 7L Aluminum oil pan

    I mean the type/size of fitting (AN, NPT)
  17. scrllock

    Gti Full Suspension Build - Looking for Advice

    If you're planning on being competitive with this, keep in mind that spherical bearings, aftermarket subframes and (especially) modified suspension pickup points (verkline modified kinematics wishbones) tend to place you in very stiff classing. I wouldn't bother with it on a street-driven car...
  18. scrllock

    Ambient: 73 - Oil: 275 - overheating & misfires at Sonoma

    Did you have to take the turbo outlet hose out? Hard to see the area from that part diagram. Surprised '19s wouldn't have it given the part # (0gc is the dq381 transmission ref.)
  19. scrllock

    Ambient: 73 - Oil: 275 - overheating & misfires at Sonoma

    I assume your 2019 didn't come with it? I don't see anything like that near the tray/intake on mine.