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  1. zrickety

    The COVID19 SCAMdemic... Alec Baldwin Says Omicron Virus Fired The Gun

    Off-topic, anything goes right? Since I 'don't have privileges' to post in the other thread, I will start my own. **DISCLAIMER** Because certain trolls feel I may be responsible for the actions of others (I'm not), the information contained herein was posted at the time of writing. As 'science'...
  2. zrickety

    Internet outage

    Just want to say kudos to the site are still up while much of the world is down at the moment. My kids Nintendo services are down, along with many websites.
  3. zrickety

    VW electric dune buggy

    No promises for production, but I would seriously consider one. The rwd ID electric is on my wishlist.
  4. zrickety

    2018 has a 2 door??

    Looking at the Canada site, you can get a Golf 1.8 in 2 door configuration. Not the GTI or R, but still interesting. Will the US get any more 2 doors?? Are the Canada cars from Mexico?
  5. zrickety

    Anybody consider the S4 or S5 when R shopping?

    Just curious if any of you guys looked at a used S4 or S5 when shopping for the R. If you're willing to buy a year or 2 old they are within the same price range. V6 Quattro with a tune makes a helluva an argument for me.
  6. zrickety

    VAQ differential, PP questions

    As a potential MK7 buyer, how would I know if a car has the performance pack PP and did they all come with the limited slip diff? Is there a digit in the VIN or a code on the trunk sticker to check if the seller doesn't have the window sticker? So far I've found- 2016 GTI SE with PP has the...
  7. zrickety

    Mandela Effect?

    Hey guys, this has been on my radar the past couple days. Just curious if you guys have heard of this or have seen it happen??
  8. zrickety

    Green paint

    Hi guys. Does anyone know the name or color code for the green R in the Car and Driver review? Been looking all over the internet to no avail.
  9. zrickety

    POLE- Would you buy a Honda Crx project again? (PLAC heavy)

    It would be my third Crx purchase, but this time the goal would be to flip it instead of keep it. Something simple, clean and quick. Sure, if it doesn't sell I would add it to my collection...but that is beside the point. :D
  10. zrickety

    CC VR6 4motion

    Has anyone actually driven this unicorn? Was window shopping autotrader... via @AutoTrader_com
  11. zrickety

    The official stress thread

    Sitting outside the magistrate court to evict the person renting our old house. Nothing but stories and excuses from her, guess we were lucky with first few tenants. [emoji52]
  12. zrickety

    Sowo Friday night

    What's everybody doing?? I just finished some hefeweizen!
  13. zrickety

    Review- Don't do business with Automotix!

    Just a heads up for anyone looking at used parts. is terrible. Very slow and bad customer service. I placed an order over the weekend and have been trying for 2 days to cancel. It hasn't shipped, I got one person on the phone after 20 min who quickly transferred me back to...
  14. zrickety

    Brooklyn nine nine

    Anybody watch this show? I like Andy Samburg but I never really watched til tonight. The way they zoom in the camera at the end of every line drives me insane! I can't watch.
  15. zrickety

    POLE- If you could go back in time

    Knowing what you know now, and you had to buy a car...would you still buy the MK6? What would you get instead?
  16. zrickety

    POLE- Is it bad to drive my car?

    Apparently driving your car can lead to wear and tear?! And it gets dirty! Deer and door dings, stone chips and check engines. We all know this thing could break down at any minute. you actually drive, bro?
  17. zrickety

    2 for 1 supercars

    I never see these on the road but I spotted a McLaren and a GTR on an Illinois transporter...
  18. zrickety

    Mini Cooper

    We bought the wife an 09 Mini Cooper S for driving to work. It's a fun little car with 94k. Coincidentally, they also have timing chain tensioner and water pump issues. BMW/Mini just recently decided to recall affected cars, so ours goes in next week for almost $3k worth of repairs. I didn't...